Lust List: Outrageous Luxury Goods

Lust List: Over The Top Luxury
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 14, 2010

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Want a motorcycle? but looking for something fashion forward? Then try this Chanel motorbike. It was custom made for the luxury house for an ad campaign.

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In the mood for winter sports? Don’t step on the snow without your Chanel Skis! Price available upon request.

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Old fashion bike riding has a new fashionable option: the Chanel bicycle, complete with a Chanel pouch. Price available upon request.

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Protect your iPad with this Chanel iPad case. It’s costs $1555 – more than an iPad.

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Want to add a little sparkle to your Ipad? Then why not try this? It’s the Diamond Ipad and it is covered in 11.43 carat diamonds. It costs $20,000.

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Bored with your iPhone. Upgrade to this Diamond Rose Edition one from Stuart Hughes. It features a rose gold bezel topped with 500 diamonds and 53 diamonds in the Apple logo. Cost? Oh, just a little over $8 million.

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Log on to the world wide web with this Lamborghini notebook. The computer, from the Italian luxury car company has a 12 inch display and runs programs like Windows 7. Price is available upon request.

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Another Lamborghini gadget, this contraption is a phone. It comes with a stainless steel casing and sapphire crystal scratch resistant display Find this for between $1781 and $2813.

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Louis Vuitton is in on the iPad game as well with these custom cases crafted from their most famous leathers. Find it for $366 at Louis Vuitton boutiques.

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Trash bags were Vuitton’s inspiration for this bag. It’s called the Raindrop Besace and costs $1,960 – a little more than your typical trashbag.

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The orignal Vuitton trash bag – this piece – created by an artist has been famous for years online.

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Love fishing? Love Chanel? Then you will adore this fishing set made for fashionistas who love the outdoors. Price available upon request.

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Sleep in the lap of luxury, literally with this bejeweled pillow from Donna Karan. Find it for $160 at

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Heading to your favorite IMAX theater and don’t want to wear their 3-D glasses? Then get these Gucci 3-D shades. Cost? Just under $300.

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Armani Exchange offers the same 3-D effect in a luxurious package for a true bargain $58.

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Looking for a new boat? Then consider this one: the$200 million yacht from Hermes. It comes complete with a master suite, dressing room, lounge and office.