For the Love of Coffee...and Beauty

We're celebrating international Coffee Day this week by sharing our favorite caffeine-infused beauty products that we plan to use the entire fall season. Add these into your beauty rotation to enjoy alongside your morning Joe (or Jane.)

Virginia Lowman Sep, 30, 2015

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The ultimate morning pick-me-up, this serum is skincare with a punch. Great for combination/oily skin, this serum is chock-full-off active ingredients that will tighten and tone you skin. Apply every morning between your cleanser and your moisturizer.

$59, available at

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Let your body scrub pull double duty by firming skin and sloughing off dead skin. This coffee and sugar detox scrub smells incredible and yields results that are just as great! Think: hydrating, firming, nourishing and brightening!

$28, available at

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This gentle scrub is sure to become a new staple in your beauty arsenal. Good for use both morning and night, this magical mix reveals smoother, softer, more hydrated skin.

$38, available at

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Soothe tired eyes and brighten dark circles with this completely organic eye cream. With nourishing ingredients like rosehip oil and anti-aging vitamins, this invigorating baum is a working woman's best friend.

$25, available at

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Fight sun spots, acne scars and discoloration in just two weeks with this super elixir. Apply to face, hands and neck twice a day and watch the spots fade!

$75, available at

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A cult beauty favorite, smooth the appearance of legs and arms and kiss cellulite and dimples goodbye with this caffeine infused cream. Apply twice daily.

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This lush, Indonesian Sumatran coffee scrub brightens and tones skin and is believed to improve stimulate circulation. Did we mention it smells incredible and is super hydrating?

$38, available at

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Crows feet be gone! Fight the graviational pull of age, reduce wrinkles, and improve firmness and elasticity in your eye area with this caffeine infused super cream.

$42 fo .5 o.z, available at

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The ultimate in anti-aging, this luxe cream boosts collagen, improves the appearance of crows feet while soothing and brigthening tired, puffy eyes. Caffeine firms and tightens the skin to reveal a brighter more youthful you!

$95, available at

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Take a trip to a Parisian café with this romantic fragrance that combines the aroma of fresh coffee with vanilla, amber and white musk. All you need now is a beret and a pain au chocolat.  #InstantFrenchie

$120 for 3.0 o.z, available at

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Okay, so this isn't infused with coffee, but it sure smells like it! For the coffee bean connoisseurur who loves the scent of a gourmet brew, this Espresso scented fragrance is just for you.

$20 for 1.0 oz, available at


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