Love and Basketball: LeBron and Savannah James' Family Album

Basketball's king of the court is also a superstar dad and husband. We love that LeBron James celebrates his family life as much as he does his NBA accomplishments. And now that he's an NBA champ yet again, we couldn't think of a better time to celebrate their beautiful family of five.

Yolanda Sangweni Jun, 20, 2016

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Baby girl Zhuri is the apple of her dad's eye and even on the biggest stage, he doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with his little girl.

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"It just runs in the family!" shared Lebron. "Healthy lifestyles in the James Gang household. Even Baby Z putting that work in."

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The James family is all smiles, and picture-perfect, after a game.

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Baby Zhuri gets a little help from daddy.

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Savannah proudly snaps a pic of her beautiful brood while enjoying dinner.

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The James family is oh-so-adorable as they celebrate LeBron and the Miami Heat's 2012 NBA championship.

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Clearly, dad LeBron is teaching his sons Bryce and LeBron Jr. all about style.

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Hurricane Isaac forced the James family to get creative with their time indoors. "Really? Remote controlled helicopters in my house tho," tweeted Savannah.

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Bryce, 5, and LeBron Jr. 8, are spitting images of their parents.

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Sundays are special for the two LeBrons. "Chillin' with Bronny on this Sunday afternoon watching football," wrote dad LeBron.

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A glowing Savannah was there to congratulate LeBron and Team USA for winning gold at the 2012 Olympics.

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Away from their boys, LeBron and Savannah manage to squeeze in a little fun night out in Miami.

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LeBron Jr. and Bryce take a nap after an eventful Thanksgiving break. "Lil homies done after being back at school from thanksgiving break today (sleeping)," wrote LeBron.

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Savannah holds on tight to youngest son Bryce, 5. "He isn't a baby anymore and it makes me sad," she wrote, adding that she was suffering from a little "baby fever."

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Savannah is proud of her little cub Bryce, 5, for acing his oral presentation on lions. "But wait, you gotta do orals in kindergarten these days?" she asked jokingkly.

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Playtime at the James home is probably tons of fun. Here, the two LeBrons enjoy a friendly game of "Call of Duty."

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"Check the intensity in his face," tweeted Savannah as she watched LeBron Jr. play a game of flag football.

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LeBron and his "lil homies" enjoy a rollercoaster ride after one of his basketball games.

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Bryce gets some homework help from his grandmother. "Education first," tweeted LeBron.

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Bryce is already following in his famous daddy's footsteps.

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Now that's a fab foursome. LeBron and Savannah enjoy a night out with friends Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. "Great friends, great time, great laughs," tweeted LeBron.

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Little Bryce just can't keep up with his big brother and dad.

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"Mrs. Claus setting out the gifts for the boys," tweeted LeBron as Savannah laid out gifts for LeBron Jr. and Bryce.

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How sweet! LeBron gets silly as he watches a basketball game with his sons.

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As expected, the high school sweethearts celebrated the arrival of 2013 in style. According to People, the couple recently sent out "Save the Weekend" notes to family and friends asking them to block off this September 13-15 on their calendars.