Looks We Love: Caribbean Fashion Week

Runway looks from the talented Caribbean designers that caught our attention. Plus, shop the collections on the new e-commerce site ShopCaribbeanFashion.com.

Celia L. Smith Jun, 20, 2014

1 of 9 Luca Khouri

WHO: Roots Rock Rebelle

WHAT: "This aint your grandma's crochet." –– Tosha Groves & Tandra Birkett

WHERE: Representing New York City

WHY WE LOVED THIS LOOK: Who knew crochet could look this sexy? A low dipped neckline, cut-out back and yarns that hug your curves make it one haute hand-made piece.

2 of 9 Luca Khouri

WHO: Vain Glory by Jehan Jackson

WHAT: Named after the designer’s mother’s small birthplace of Old Harbour Bay, a seaside community in St. Catherine Jamaica, the collection is an injection of vibrant digitally printed botanical and geological imagery, breathtaking beach scenery and rich foliage prints on contemporary and chic vintage influenced swimwear and resortwear silhouettes.

WHERE: "I identify with and am influenced by the cultural independent island of Jamaica where I was raised, as well as the international vivacity of my birthplace, New York City." –– Jehan Jackson

WHY WE LOVED THIS LOOK: Jehan Jackson was one of the best collections at Caribbean Fashion Week, and this one look proves our point: A floor length chiffon gown, matching bikini and larger-than-life gold weave accessories. All get-aways should look this glam.

3 of 9 Luca Khouri

WHY WE LOVED THIS LOOK: The drama one wouldn't expect from a one-piece swimsuit is exactly why we love it. Long sleeves, trimmed with ruffles, and totally backless are all of the drama points that sneak up on you.

4 of 9 Luca Khouri

WHO: the cloth by designers Robert Young and Mark Eastman

WHAT "Liberation is truly possible if we heal from our various defeats." –– Robert Young and Mark Eastman

WHERE: Representing Trinidad and Tobago

WHY WE LOVED THIS LOOK: Young and Eastman found a way to perfect a homely-chic look in this melange of quilting. The vibrant patterns, cinched waist and draped skirt makes it romantically bohemian, yet incredibly stylish.

5 of 9 Luca Khouri

WHY WE LOVED THIS LOOK: If we could wear a tropical rainforest this is exactly how it would look. Young and Eastmans palm printed shirt and flared skirt is just another example of how they seamlessly blend a multitude of bold fabrics into one.

6 of 9 Luca Khouri

WHO: IsayU Son of My Loins collection by Kirsten Benjamin

WHAT: "Inspired by the birth of my first son." –– Kirsten Benjamin

WHERE: Representing Trinidad and Tobago

WHY WE LOVED THIS LOOK: Kirsten Benjamin's white top hit all of the right notes: shoulder cut-outs, sweet-heart neckline, and cropped, yet still clean enough not to compete with this pretty patterned skirt.

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WHO: Then and Now collection by Meiling

WHAT: "Inspired by classic Meiling pieces which I have re-visited and paid very close attention to the details. The collection is meant to reinforce my design aesthetic and mantra that 'less is more.'" –– Meiling

WHERE: Trinidad and Tobago

WHY WE LOVED THIS LOOK: Thank you Meiling for perfecting that borrowed-from-the-boyfriend oxford shirt look just for us. This style, with subtle design details, make it a bit more refined and flattering to the female form.

8 of 9 Luca Khouri

WHO: Everblazing for Fifa

WHAT "World cup, the collection is a fun mixture of sports and sexy wear."

WHERE: Representing Serbia and Italy

WHY WE LOVED THIS LOOK: Goal! This collection, an ode to FIFA, did the unimaginable –– make women dressed in soccer-ball motifs look really cool. Yes, ball-covered boobs and and a bouncy short skirts (literally) can be sexy.

9 of 9 Luca Khouri

WHO: Alicia Mullings

WHAT: "Inspire to empower and to start conversations through positive imagery on fabric within fashion." –– Alicia Mullings

WHERE: Representing London, United Kingdom

WHY WE LOVED THIS LOOK: Alicia Mullings gives new meaning to power pants with this afro-centric palazzo pant we adored! The hi-waist style was balanced by this cropped long-sleeved top which paired down the look perfectly.


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