Looks We Love: Africa Fashion Week

Johannesburg gems on the spring runway. Check out our favorite looks.

Celia L. Smith Nov, 10, 2014

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Designer: Laduma Ngxokolo / maxhosa.co.za

Instagram: @laduma

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Is it a robe, a sweater, a belted dress? We’ll take all three ways we can wear this dynamically printed piece.

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Designer: David Tlale / davidtlale.com

Instagram: @davidetlale

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David Tlale’s button-down blouse on steroids is certainly swoon worthy. The hi-waist hot pants add a bit of playfulness to traditional Ankara print fabric.

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Designer: Aisha Obuobi / christiebrownonline.com

Twitter: @christiebrowncl

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Brown’s mix of soft sheer fabric and intense neon twist makes this perfect day-to-night Miami Art Basel moment.

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Twitter: @carduccisa

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This pretty shade of pink is super sweet, while the double split –– in full effect this season, is a super sexy finish.

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Designers: Rich Mnisi / oathrm.com

Instagram: @oath_rm

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This cool blue get-up, with what looks like a photo print of branches, is the fun equivalent to a jumpsuit with a little crop intervention.

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Designer: Tuelo Nguyuza / tuelonyuza.co.za

Instagram: @tuelo_nguyuza

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Like navy and black, who knew tangerine and this gorgeous salmon shade would look lovely together? The dressed-up and dressed-down appeal of this outfit makes the look all the better.

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Designer: Ufuoma Ekpecham / joshandnicol.com

Instagram: @joshandnicol

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The subtle color blocking and silhouetting of faces gives this piece an abstract art feel that’s pretty fab.

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Designer: Kibonen Nfi / kibonenny.com

Instagram: @kibonenny

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We’re still pushing print-mixing because who ever gets bored with that?

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Designer: Loza Maleombho / lozamaleombho.com

Instagram: @lozamalembho

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This sophisticated silhouette and cornflower hue is balanced by the whimsy of neon palm tree embroidery. How chic is that?

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Designer: Eliana Murargy

Social: Facebook.com/muradeonline

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This flaming gown is absolutely gorgeous and hits all the right notes a red carpet look requires: sultry, sophisticated, and show-stopping.

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Designer: Taibo Bacar / taibobocar.com

Instagram: @taibocarofficial

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If there were one coat you could keep in your closet to pair with every piece, this would be it. It's neutral shade, defined waist and feminine flair is what makes this a winning piece –– not to mention the psychedellic patterned pants.

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Designer: Nana K. Brenu / studio1981.com

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We won’t even get into the many reasons why this look is Olivia Pope-approved, but this minimal, futuristic all the while classic-feeling coat is on our wish list.