The Look of Love: 9 Couples Who Give Each Other Bedroom Eyes

From Barack and Michelle Obama to Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, these couples show affection wherever they go. You can see the fire in their eyes!

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With 21 years of marriage under their belt, the passion and romance continues to build for these two. The First Couple can almost always be seen sharing a private moment—whether it's during a small dance or en route home from an inauguration.

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The sexual charge these two have is simply electric. Patton and Thicke, high school sweethearts, tied the knot in June of 2005. But in recent years, their red carpet chemistry has only amplified with their respective careers taking off. At one point, Thicke told he likes to make Patton reach double-digit orgasams!

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This marriage has consistently made headlines over the last two years. Whether it was divorce rumors or comments on their alleged "open marriage," the Smiths remain united and even more in love than ever. With 16 years of marriage under their belt, the passion continues to grow.

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Although Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo aren't married, their romance is growing strong and fast. And if Derulo's latest single "Marry Me?" is any indication, a trip down the aisle isn't far behind. The young couple have been tied to the hip since 2011. Derulo even credits Sparks for nursing him back to health after he fractured his neck.

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When the media caught wind of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez's relationship in 2011, we knew it was more than a fling. Not soon afterwards did the two get engaged and eventually jump the broom in July of 2013. The couple welcomed a baby boy named Maceo Robert Martinez in October.

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This beautiful couple met in 2003 on the set of Soul Food. They soon realized their romance off the clock was just as fiery as their characters in the TV drama. Parker and Kodjoe made their union official in 2005. Their passion is so great, Kodjoe even penned a love poem to his wife on

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In June of 2012, Meagan Good and Devon Franklin tied the knot two months after they announced their engagement. This couple, who met seven years ago, seems inseparable wherever they go. They created a ripple across the internet when they shared they were both celibate until their wedding night.

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These lovebirds are often caught smiling from eat-to-ear when the shutterbugs are around. If they're not canoodling on the beach in Brazil they're snuggling on the red carpert. Keys and Beatz made their love official in July 2010. Later that year, they welcomed their first child together, Egypt.

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What happens when the super sexy actress meets the NBA champion... fireworks! Since 2009, Union and Wade have been scorching the red carpets and the sunny beaches of Miami holding hand and hand. These two have always been affectionate. Let's face it, if you partner was that hot, wouldn't you?