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ESSENCE.COM Dec, 07, 2009

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Rihanna had a couple of moderate hits with her super-long style, but it didn’t really start raining until she separated herself from the R&B babe pack with her trendsetting “rooster” cut. The Verdict: Short hair girl

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Long, straight hair is definitely part of Ciara’s persona, but when she rocked this heavy-banged, short style last year, her look took a more high-fashion turn. The Verdict: Short hair girl.

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Jada Pinkett-Smith was killing the super-short cropped cut in the 90s—and it went perfectly with her tiny, tautly toned body. But in recent years, she’s been all about this supremely healthy-looking, uber-glossy blowout. If it’s the Carol’s Daughter products that are giving her that shine, sign us up. The Verdict: Long hair girl

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Beyonce famously rocked a 1950s-style, cropped platinum wig for her role as Etta James in Cadillac Records. It was a cute break from her signature Sasha Fierce strands, but what would the “Single Ladies” dance be without all that hair-flipping? The Verdict: Long hair girl.

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Back when Destiny’s Child was made up of its four original members, Kelly Rowland’s signature look was an above-the-ear crop. We think long, flowing layers flatter her face so much more! The Verdict: Long hair girl

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Michelle Williams’ long, straight style is pretty, but it’s not show-stopping. Her angled Sasoon cut gives her some grown and sexy edge while doing amazing things for her almond-shaped eyes! The Verdict: Short hair girl

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Solange Knowles had a cute thing going with the blunt banged, shoulder-length look. But all heads turned when she recently got rid of the extensions and sported this closely-shaved natural. We think it’s stunning. The Verdict: Short hair girl

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Zoe Kravitz recently sported this shoulder-grazing bobbed cut, which was nice—but her wavy, boho tresses are just so cool-rocker-chick-meets-spawn-of-Denise-Huxtable. Which, by the way, is a good thing. The Verdict: Long hair girl

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Who knew Amber Rose ever had hair? Kanye’s plus-one didn’t blow up until she shaved her head, and for good reason. Her buzz cut is fashion, baby, fashion! The Verdict: Short hair girl.

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One of the most gorgeous working actress today, Nia Long has rocked every style under the sun. And while her long, flippy layers are adorable, this chic, boyish cut accentuates her cheekbones in a major way. The Verdict: Short hair girl

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Halle Berry was synonymous with the sexy pixie for years, until she went long and curly for “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” She rocked it for awhile, and it was definitely pretty, but we all stood up and cheered when she recently went back to her short roots. That face is too magical to hide behind heaps of hair. The Verdict: Short hair girl.


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