Lisa Nichols on Finding Joy at Work

Career expert and ESSENCE Festival Empowerment Experience speaker Lisa Nichols shares how a mental shift can lead to more happiness in your job.

Monique Valeris Jun, 04, 2013

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Lisa Nichols

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Examine your current position and whether you’re enjoying your responsibilities. If you are unhappy with your role, explore making a lateral move within your organization doing more of what brings you joy. If that doesn’t work, Nichols says consider your hobby. “I love working with children, which isn’t really in my business model. I decided to create an arm of my company where I work with teens.”

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Rather than being a disgruntled employee, consider the positive aspects of your position and the elements that satisfy you. “Your conversation will drive your energy, actions and life experiences,” says Nichols. “Create a holistic environment and experience.”

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Nichols suggests viewing your job as your investor, rather than just a job. “This investor is positioning you to do something else in the world,” she says. Only good can come from thinking about where your current role can lead you in the future.

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It’s unfair to expect your job to fulfill everything on your checklist. “You are putting a lot of pressure on that dysfunctional company,” says Nichols of making that mistake. “It is your job to find what brings you joy.”

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If you’re transitioning into being an entrepreneur, think hard about what you can bring to the marketplace. “What makes you happy is either a service or product that relieves the world of a pain or brings joy to the world,” says Nichols. Thinking about this will lead you to a strong business idea that can have an impact on others’ lives.