Let's Get Pretty: Makeover Magic How-to Guide

See how one bride-to-be is using our new Makeover Magic tool to perfect her wedding-day look. Find out how this ESSENCE.com staffer is getting ready for her big day. By Qianna Smith
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 18, 2009

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See how one bride-to-be is using our new Makeover Magic tool to perfect her wedding-day look. Find out how this ESSENCE.com staffer is getting ready for her big day.

By Qianna Smith

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You will have fabulous realistic results with ESSENCE Makeover Magic if you start with the perfect canvas. Here, Saba Gashugi, ESSENCE.com project coordinator, pulls her hair back straight and bares a clean fresh face for the best virtual results.

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“I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis and the biggest thing I am worried about on my wedding day is the pictures. I want my face to look natural and my eyes to sparkle,” says Saba, pictured here using the Makeover Magic tool with ESSENCE magazine Beauty Editor Pamela Edwards, who recently profiled her own wedding experience on ESSENCE.com.

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New York-based professional makeup and hairstylist El Leo was called in to help Saba achieve her Makeover Magic look. The pair discusses her makeup and hair needs for the wedding day.

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Can’t seem to find the right foundation or powder for your beautiful brown skin? Forget about buying products that don’t work; find the right shades and beauty brands that are suited just for your skin tone when you try Makeover Magic.

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“Women of color have so many shades and undertones that when it comes to choosing the right foundation I recommend using two shades of foundation," advises Leo, who also works with Dawn Richards from former girl group Danity Kane.

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“Choose a foundation one shade lighter than your complexion for your t-zone to use as a highlighter. The other shade used matches the color of skin around your jaw bone, which you can use as your all-over base,” says Leo, who has been featured in the pages of ESSENCE.

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Finding a fierce flush for summer can be difficult with so many blush colors on the market. Makeover Magic takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect shade for your complexion. “For the cheeks I am using a cream blush,” says Leo. “This allows the cheeks to pop while looking very supple and dewy.”

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“Eye shadows are so much fun and allow you to enhance your eye features. I use highly-pigmented eye shadow powders because they apply evenly and blend well,” shares Leo.

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“I groomed Saba’s brows and took off excess hair and shaped them to accentuate her eyes,” says Leo. “I then filled in the brow with powder and wax. After I determined the proper shape of the brow, I cased the brow with concealer.” Check out Makeover Magic to find your signature brow shape.

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Wonder what you would look like with long luscious lashes? Makeover Magic can help you experiment with needless beauty options including lash extensions.

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“Mascara should be layered on to build up volume at the base of the lash and extended out. This will prevent clumping at the end of the lashes,” says Leo.

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Makeover Magic is an exciting place to experiment with the hottest lip colors for summer. Try on everything from lipsticks to lip glosses and lip liners.

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“Start with a lip pencil and fill in with the color of your choice to couture the lip shape,” advises Leo. “This will give your pout’s color staying power."

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Saba checks out her makeup while Leo prepares to recreate her Makeover Magic hairdo. We think she likes what she sees! Try on hairstyles from short to long and everything in between using the Makeover Magic tool.

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“I want my hair to look elegant and chic and Makeover Magic allowed me to try on so many styles that it was painless to find the one that worked just right for me,” dishes Saba.

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Presto! Using our magic wand, Saba has been transformed into a total blushing bride. Head over to Makeover Magic now to see what this amazing virtual beauty experience can do for you!

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“I had so much fun playing with the makeup and hairstyles offered by Makeover Magic and as you can see the results speak for themselves!” gushes Saba.

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