Lena Horne Fashion

Lena Horne Fashion
ESSENCE.COM May, 10, 2010

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In 1944, Lena Horne was the first African-American to land on the cover of a movie magazine. Her undeniable charm and good looks won her a ton of attention.

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One-shoulder dresses were a signature of Lena Horne’s on-stage ensembles for many years.

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“They didn’t make me into a maid, but they didn’t make me into anything else either,” she wrote in “Lena,” her 1965 autobiography. “I became a butterfly pinned to a column singing away in Movieland.” In the 1940’s, Lena Horne shun roles that called for her to play maids, opting instead for non-speaking cameos that focused on her beautiful voice.

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“Anybody who was not madly in love with Lena Horne should report to his undertaker immediately and turn himself in,” actor and friend Ossie Davis once said.

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Decked in couture, Lena Horne shows off her show-stopping gown.

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Lena Horne is a knockout in a form-fitting mermaid cut dress.

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Lena Horne exudes class in a pinstriped jacket and black skirt.

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Lena Horne was timeless beauty. She remained a style maven throughout her life.

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Lena Horne in the 1943 all-black musical, ‘Cabin in The Sky.’

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Lena Horne is picture perfect in a spaghetti strap gown.


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