Ladies of Fall (Street Style)

Ladies of Fall (Street Style)
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 06, 2009

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A touch of color always makes an outfit pop. The hint of baby blue in the slacks and the top work well with her skin color. Add a cute jacket and you have an office look that doesn’t restrict your creative/fun side.

Joelene – Public Health Administrator

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For those who think Fall means putting away your vibrant colors, you may want to rethink that. With global warming, keep those lively colors handy and brighten up not only your day, but that of someone else also.

Kim, 30 something

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Yes, we all have to work, but no we don’t all have to lose our individuality. Mixing contemporary and classic can work. Think outside the box, pick the right pieces and make a statement.

Shelli, 35 – VH1 Producer

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Simplicity is usually the best thing for a long day at the office. Black (almost) always works, just spice it up with a little color and the right heels (not too high, not too low) and you can’t go wrong.

Yvette, 38 – Resource Manager

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It’s all about the right colors, and the right fit. When you pair the two together correctly, you exude class.

Denna, 32 – Tax Manager

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Fall and earth tones—how can you go wrong?! This look works from NYC to Atlanta to Seattle. The key is wearing the colors that make your skin glow.

Danielle, 32 – Tax Manager

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Who says attorneys have to always wear the same ol’ same ol’? A great ‘Chanel’ styled top guarantees you chic points.

Annette, 45 – Attorney-at-Law

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Those rainy Fall days call for a well-fitted trench—but ladies, it’s the details that make you stand out. You don’t have to wear a Hermes scarf like the one pictured, but when you wear a coat, make sure to step up your bag, scarf and shoe game.

Christina, 29 – Journalist

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When the coat covers your outfit, your shoes have to be on point. These are BCBG pumps.

Christina, 29 – Journalist

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Be it in a skirt or slacks, style is all about finding the things that best work for you all while complimenting your your shape, skin tone, and personality. Make dressing for work a start of a great day.


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