Keri Hilson Morphing Style Moment

Keri Hilson Morphing Style Moment
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 13, 2010

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Over the past few years, Keri has transformed her style from young and fresh to grown and glamorous.

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Even with her laid-back looks, Keri maintains a ladylike style with a hint of sexy.

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When all dolled up, Keri exudes a chic style reminiscent of old Hollywood beauties like Dorothy Dandridge.

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At various points in her style file, Keri has made some bold style choices like this bra bearing blazer and John Lennon inspired shades.

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It’s takes a certain chic to make a leopard top and black skinnies look red carpet ready, but Keri pulls it off effortlessly.

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Keri has no qualms about showing off her banging body and she keeps even her casual looks sexy by always wearing heels.

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Keri keeps her look fresh by trying new styles. Here she rocked a very boho inspired houndstooth blouse and french béret.

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Keri Hilson went from doning casual duds on the red carpet to chic and classic ensembles like this polished outfit.

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At one point, bright color choices definitely got Keri noticed on the red carpet, now her polished and more muted panache is what’s turning heads.

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In the early days of her career Keri Hilson had a very R&B diva look, choosing standout pieces like this red leather bolero over see-through black.

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Keri Hilson is undoubtedly a trendsetter she rocked this studded mini dress at the onset of the rocker chic craze.


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