Keri Hilson: Fresh, Funky & Fly

“In a Perfect World” everyone would be a trendsetter, but thankfully stars like up-and-coming songstress Keri Hilson, who just dropped her new album give fashionistas everywhere stylish inspiration. Take a look at some of Hilson’s fabulous fashionable moments. By Qianna Smith
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 10, 2009

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When it comes to fashion, singer-songwriter Keri Hilson does it her way. Take a look at some of Hilson’s fabulous stylish moments.

By Qianna Smith

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“I like to mix masculine and feminine. I like styles which give women a tailored look where she’s strong. That’s pretty much my style,” says the 25-year-old Hilson.

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Celeb stylist Tippi Shorter, Keri Hilson’s New York go-to hairstylist, preps her locks with mousse before blow-drying. “This gives the hair tons of body,” says Shorter. “Keri is very experimental and likes a lot of versatility.”

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Keri, whose debut album, “In a Perfect World,” is in stores now, works it out on stage at the Seventeen magazine event for Vanessa and Angela Simmons’s 2009 debut of Pastry’s handbag and apparel line at Aventura Mall in Florida.

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Wondering what products Ms. Hilson keeps in her makeup bag? “M.A.C. Foundation. I also love the M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish. I use it as a blush,” says Hilson, seen here at M.A.C.’s sponsored lounge during Fashion Week New York.

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Our favorite up-and-coming stylista has said her favorite designers are Zac Posen and Yves Saint Laurent.

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Keri prefers edgy over pretty. She hit the scene with a 70’s mushroom style, then turned to soft curls; now she’s rockin’ sexy sharp cuts.

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The multitalented artist has penned tunes for Usher, Ludacris, Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige.

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In the February 2009 issue of ESSENCE magazine, Keri describes her balancing act as both a singer and songwriter. “I’m free when I write for myself. Plus, I don’t have that fear that my writing needs to pass inspection.”

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“You can’t BS me because I’ve seen the games that industry people play with new artists,” says Hilson.

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Famed music producer Polow Da Don introduced Hilson to mix master Timberland and the rest is history. “Polow asked me one day who I thought would get me as an artist. I said, ‘Well, Timbaland.’ Even then, I had faith he’d be the one to understand me."

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You’ll always catch Keri sporting the latest kicks as seen here leaving Energy Radio Station in Munich, Germany. This diva-in-training plays up feminine accessories to soften her street-chic style.

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Looking corporate chic, singers Ne-Yo and Keri Hilson play it up while shooting a scene for Ne-Yo’s video “Miss Independent.”

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Keri greets the Simmons sisters during a visit to the MTV studios in New York City. Hilson is a fan of their young and sassy sneaker line Pastry.

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“I want to be a point of reference,” shares Hilson. “Hip-hop has become pop; pop is hip-hop. Music is definitely changing. I want to be the crux of that. I want to be a reason, not a result.”


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