Kelly Rowland: X-Factor

Kelly Rowland: X-Factor
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 28, 2011

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“This dress is Victoria Beckham who is one of my favorites – and I love that Givenchy cuff I’m wearing. The shoes are Christian Louboutin and they are a little hellish to walk in – but I don’t mind, they were gorgeous!”

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“I love this yellow jacket. My stylists suggested I wear it and I said ‘Wait a minute, what could this go with?’ But I loved the way everything went together. The jacket is by an English brand called whistles and those booties are McQueen!’

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“These shorts are Stella McCartney. I felt so fly! I’d been wearing dresses for a long time, and I just didn’t want to anymore – and my stylist gave me these.”

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“This is a ‘Twenty-Eight-Twelve’ outfit! I was feeling a little abby that day and wanted to show them off!”

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" I was coming from spending a lot of money that day! My shorts were Thakoon and those shoes were Marni! I had to steal my assistants glasses because underneath there were some tired eyes!"

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“I bought those Givenchy shoes and almost hit myself when I looked at the price tag, but I didn’t care, because I knew this look would last forever! The dress is Diane Von Furstenberg and that bag – I love to death!”

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“This is a Versace dress! I was a little nervous about the stripes but I just loved it and I loved the simple cuffs with it. And the earrings I’m wearing are from TopShop in London!”

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“I just wanted to try something new the day I wore this look! The blouse is by Chloe and the skirt is Matthew Williamson. The shoes are Fendi and they were so comfortable! I love being comfy – and being taller than everyone else!”

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“This dress was Phillip Armstrong, the shoes are Sass and Bide and the belt is Fendi. I loved the way the red lip complimented the shoes! I have to tell you I barely ate that day so I could look good in this – the things we do for fashion!”

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