Keep It Moving: 11 Guy Grooming Turnoffs We Hate

We asked and you responded. A complete list of guy-grooming habits that you loathe.

ESSENCE.COM Apr, 16, 2015

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This one was yet another popular pick with readers, with most stating that it's hard to take a grown man with cornrows seriously, especially messy ones.

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"Yellow!" "Crooked!" "Stained" When we asked you to share your pet peeves, the complaints about men with poor dental hygiene came rolling in. Note to the fellas: Keep those annual dental visits on your calendar. Smiles are sexiest when your teeth are healthy and clean.

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Sorry fellas, we see right through your laziness. There’s a difference between having a skin condition, and not applying lotion to your knees, elbows, ankles, and hands. So be smart and remember these four words: “Lotion is your friend!”

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We’ll excuse the occasional smell guys have when they’re fresh out the gym, but if B.O is a common mistake, we’re out!

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There's NO exception to this rule: Do not leave your house with hairy a hairy nose and ears.

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This was easy to forgive back during a man's athletic high school and college days, but a grown man shouldn't still consider a du-rag as mature and acceptable headgear while in public.

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If he’s over the age of 30 and still dresses like he’s 15, he doesn’t stand a chance with us. Pull up your pants and get it together!

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Dear Men: The iron is a friend, not the enemy. Women know the difference between "end of the day" wrinkled and "you woke up like this" wrinkled, and you should too.

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Men who workout regularly are always a turn on. Those who do so in the same dirty, sweaty tank top every day are NOT. Case closed.

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When his nails are longer than yours, that's a problem. Fellas, please take a moment to keep your nails groomed. (Yes, we notice.)

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If his toenails look like an animal is protruding out of his foot, looking the other way is a no-brainer!


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