Sometimes it's the simple things. Calvin says his favorite thing to do with Tai is to have conversations with her. Aww!

The adorable couple loves spending time out and about with each other. "We love walking around and exploring New York City together on nice days," says Tai.

7 of 25 And Then There Was You

"It wasn’t until Calvin that I’d realized what I’d been missing," says Tai. "Meeting a lot of Mr. Wrongs taught me about the qualities I most wanted in a man."

8 of 25 Wrapped Around Your Finger

Calvin says he knew she was the one right away, "When Tai and I first met at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner, I thought I was seeing a sign from God because she was so radiant and glimmering in the light."

9 of 25 Celebrate Our Love

Tai says the best part about being engaged is "celebrating with friends and family." We agree. "There aren’t many affairs in life when you get to have your closest friends and family together at multiple events," she adds.

10 of 25 The Seal of Approval

"My parents and extended family adore Calvin," says Tai. "They knew he was the one before I’d realized it."

11 of 25 You Give Me Butterflies

Calvin says there's just something different about his love for Tai. "It is unexplainable," he adds. "When I see or hear from Tai, she just brings joy to heart, always."


12 of 25 Just Right

"Calvin is the only man I’ve ever felt was made for me, and me for him," says Tai of her soon-to-be hubby.

13 of 25 The Real You

Tai says an intimate conversation let her know Calvin was The One. "That conversation sealed it for me. I loved just talking to him but also realized, after years of just being friends, that we had so much more in common than I’d imagined. I felt that was when I really started to know him. And, I loved who I was getting to know," she says.


14 of 25 Right At Home

"I love his family. They remind me of my own family in a lot of ways. And, he fit in immediately with my family," says Tai. 

15 of 25 A Special Lady

Calvin had this sweet message for Tai's parents: "Thank you for sacrificing so much for Tai and raising her in such a warm, loving family.  I am humbled and appreciative with how you all have accepted me into your family and look forward to the years to come." Um, we need a tissue, stat!


16 of 25 The Point of It All

Tai says when it comes to what she's most looking forward to about marriage it's "companionship and lots of laughs" that tops the list. 

17 of 25

"Tai and I would (and still do) spend hours walking around New York City talking about random nothingness.  Getting to know her on that personal level sealed the deal for me," says Calvin.

18 of 25 The Whole Package

Tai says the man she is looking forward to marrying is humble, kind and hilarious. Great qualities, we say! 

19 of 25 A Welcome Surprise

Tai says she was in shock when Calvin proposed. "It was surreal. We’d talked about getting married and I knew he was the one but, in the moment, it just seemed like, “is this really happening?” I think those may have been my first words."

20 of 25 In This Together

Calvin says when it comes to these next few steps he's ready for the journey. "I am most looking forward to building a life together with Tai."


21 of 25 What A Man

Tai says she loves that her future husband is God-fearing and she can't wait to build a life with him. These two couldn't be any cuter!

22 of 25 Lift Me Up

"What always stands out to me is how he cares for me," says Tai. "There is no gift or romantic gesture in the world that could replace how he just loves me and is always there for me. He is my rock."

23 of 25 And On That Special Day

Calvin tells us that when he's looking into Tai's eyes on their wedding day he'll be "ecstatic."

24 of 25 The Journey Begins

Tai and Calvin are headed to Tokyo and Bali to celebrate their honeymoon. Tai says she's not leaving home without swimwear, restaurant guides and a really good camera. We can't wait to see the pictures!

25 of 25 Congratulations!

Join us in celebrating Tai and Calvin's love by leaving your well-wishes below! Want to see your love story shared in Just Engaged? Email us now!

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