Just Engaged: Yondi and Michael's Engagement Photos

Yondi and Michael dated on an off since high school until she realized they work best together. Let's celebrate their upcoming wedding day!

Lauren Turner Aug, 20, 2014

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"Honestly, I am looking forward to the day-to-day of being married," says the excited bride to be. "I want to come in from work every day and say, 'Hi hubby, I’m home!' I look forward to creating a home filled with love and great memories!"

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"The day I met her she had her hair in two pigtails (remember, we were in high school)," says Michael, as he recalls his very first encounter with Yondi. "But, the style was different even for a teenager. I knew I had to meet her!"

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"Mike understands and loves me, flaws and all," says Yondi about her perfect man. "He is patient with me and my biggest cheerleader. He pays attention to me, helps me think through tough situations and is always by my side."

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"He got me a beautiful, custom-made black diamond ring in a pave setting," said Yondi. "It's just perfect. We did look together but he ended up changing the ring a bit!"

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"Mike and I have this little thing where whenever we are out and about, we spot an older couple that looks to have been married for a while," says Yondi. "We always ask those couples what the best piece of advice they can offer us is. We could write a book about some of the responses!"

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"We learned, through our amazing pre-marital therapist, that it’s not what you say, necessarily, it’s how you say it," says Yondi about how she communicates with her fiancé. "Sounds simple, but it took us a while to learn how to deliver bad news, criticism and frustrations in a clear and effective way. Now we have been armed with the tools to communicate with love, and that changes everything!"

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"On our first Valentine’s Day together, he asked me what I wanted," recounts Yondi about the best gift Michael ever got her. "I jokingly said, a pair of diamond earrings. Little did I know that Mike saved all his paychecks from his after school job and actually bought me a pair of diamond earrings." Keeper alert!

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"Our weddign style is black tie and classic meets modern," says the soon-to-be Mrs. Michael Andrews. "The colors are black and ivory with a hint of green in the centerpieces. I will carry red roses but that’s all of the red that will be in the room."

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"My parents adore Mike," says Yondi. "They believe that he is kind, has a gentle spirit and has integrity. They enjoy watching how well he treats me and how patient and generous he is." 

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On their wedding day, Michael knows just what he'll say. "Wow! She looks beautiful," he tells us. "We are here, on our wedding day and I can’t believe this day is here." Leave the happy couple a little comment love below!