Just Engaged: Tommia and Kenric

"I fell in love with Tommia the moment I knew she was as beautiful on the inside as she is outside," says Kenric. Join us as we congratulate the happy couple!

Charlene Cooper Oct, 09, 2013

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There's no doubt that Tommia is Kenric's biggest fan, but her friends are just as enthusiastic about how great of a guy he is too. "I know it's so cliche, but he reall is my better half," shares Tommia. "My friends love the fact that he is patient and understanding."

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Tommia admits that she played it safe when she first met Kenric. "I was trying to understand what I wanted from this new friendship," she shares.

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After splitting for some time during their relationship, being apart is what ironically brought Tommia and Kenric back together. "We took a hiatus from dating for almost 11 months and then one day Kenric took me out to dinner for my birthday and we were talking about some of the mistakes we made in the relationship prior to the breakup," says Tommia. "I knew at that moment I did not want to be without him because we in that conversation understood each other in a whole different way."

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Tommia admits to giving Kenric a bit of help with finding the lovely engagement ring he gifted her with. "It's a 1.5 carat halo diamond ring, and yes, I had a little input too."

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Kenric's family has treated Tommia like their own, and with her family being six hours away, she's spent a lot of time with them. Her family is also just as fond of him too. "They tell me that Kenric has a good head on his shoulders, which is parent language for, he's great for me."

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The happy couple are huge movie buffs and always the first in line to see just about any new film. "If you’re spying on us on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch us doing dinner and a movie," Tommia shares. "That's our date night!"

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Tommia says the best gift her man has ever given her was concert tickets to see her favorite singer Ledisi, but we think her engagement ring might be close competition.

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From day one, Tommia and Kenric have always kept things candid in their relationship and it certainly paid off. "I think he chose to marry me because of the openness of the relationship and because he knows I accept him for him," says Tommia.

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What about Tommia swept Kenric off his feet? "The moment I realized Tommia was as beautiful inside as she is outside, I fell in love with her," he says.

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"I'm looking forward to being Tommia's provider and protector," says Kenric, while Tommia says she can't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. The pair are set to wed this October in a beautiful wedding that will fuse "classic, vintage, modern and wow!" Then they'll head to Aruba for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Want to see your engagement photos featured in Just Engaged? Email us now!