4 of 23

"Teresa has a wonderful heart for helping people who are less fortunate. She does a lot of volunteer work. She gives her heart unconditionally!" says Stanley of his bride-to-be. 


5 of 23 Overjoyed

"I was already floating on a cloud from the events that had taken place in the 2 previous hotel suites. Upon arriving in the 3rd suite is when I FINALLY realized that he was going to propose.  I stared into his eyes and thought 'Oh my God, he loves me THIS MUCH!'” shared Teresa. 


Becoming a unit is going to be special for Teresa for many reasons but she says, "finally being able to unleash all of this love I have inside of me that had been locked away until I met Stanley & to continue to grow closer together as husband and wife," is what she's most looking forward to. 


"I love that my future husband is caring, thoughtful, sweet, funny, highly intellegent and a true believer in God," says Teresa. 


8 of 23 Worth A Thousand Words

The sweetest thing he's ever done for me was..."rented out THREE rooms at the St. Regis Hotel, Invited our family and friends from all over the United States to come witness in the most beautiful and romantic wedding proposal," says Teresa. Sweet indeed! 


9 of 23 It's A Celebration!

Teresa shared that the special day was a complete surprise for her. "I was in such shock that many of my family members were there and since my birthday was a few days away  I assumed they all flew in for a surprise birthday party! Little did I know the occasion was MUCH more than that," she said. 


10 of 23 An Unbreakable Bond

"It was so wonderful to finally meet the special people in Stanley’s life. I wanted to meet them all and let them witness how special our love is," says Teresa of the day that Stanley proposed in front of loved ones. 


11 of 23 Oh What A Feeling

"I am looking forward to giving unconditional love to Teresa. I love to make Teresa laugh and put a smile on her face, " says Stanley. 


12 of 23 A Love That's True

"I think he chose to marry me because…I have a good heart, I am smart and I care about my health and well being as well as the good health and well being of others. I am organized and he is not. I have strong morals, I am a Christian, I am loving and I treat him like the King that he is," says Teresa. 

13 of 23 Sealed With A Kiss

14 of 23 A Special Lady

There are three words to describe what I love about Teresa. I love that she is smart, sophisticated and sexy.

15 of 23 One + One

"If you’re spying on us on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch us cooking  dinner together, drinking wine, playing music, singing, dancing,  laughing and/or curled up in our movie theater chairs watching episodes of NCIS while eating our healthy non-GMO popcorn," says Teresa.

16 of 23 Angel Of Mine

"She was a beautiful angel with eyes that looked through your heart into your soul. She was so kind and caring that she took my breath away!" says Stanley. 


17 of 23 Thinking Of You

The surprise proposal is just one of Stanley's thoughtful gestures. "Stanley is the most thoughtful man I have ever known," says Teresa of her groom-to-be. 


18 of 23 Will You Be Mine?

Stanley says he knew Teresa was the one right away. "After speaking with her daily for several weeks, it felt like I had known Teresa for many years. We had the same belief system, the same taste in music and I realize that she cares about living a healthy lifestyle. Health and wellness is very important to Teresa. We both live by the adage 'Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away,'" he shared. 

19 of 23 Twin Flames

"Our spirits are completely kindred. He has a passion for maintaining good health and the good health of others. We think alike. Our “different” sense of humor is exactly the same and I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to have someone verbalize what I am thinking. Stanley does this to me almost on a daily basis! He finishes my sentences too," says Teresa.


20 of 23 A Promise Of Forever

"When we’re (finally!) husband and wife, I can’t wait to hear someone address me as Mrs. Teresa Himes! I will probably practice writing Teresa Jean HImes over and over on paper like a young schoolgirl. That’s the way he makes me feel," says Teresa. 

21 of 23 Coming Up Roses

Stanley says that when he's looking into Teresa's eyes on his wedding day he'll be thinking, "that I am the luckiest man on earth and that God has helped me to find my soul mate."


22 of 23 Save The Date

Teresa and Stanley will be wed May 2015 in Midland, Georgia. The ceremony will be "elegant yet fun" and will feature a song from Teresa's opera singing daughter, Whitley Eva. The lovely couple will sing a duet to each other before jumping the broom. 

23 of 23 A Warm Embrace

Teresa describes her man in two simple words, "heaven sent." Join us as we congratulate the happy couple! Want to see your love story featured in Just Engaged? Email us now.

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