Just Engaged: Tayler and Eric

College sweethearts Tayler and Eric never let distance stand in the way of their love, and now that their tying the knot, they can say goodbye to Skype dates and hello to love at arms length.

Charlene Cooper Apr, 10, 2013

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Broadcast research specialist Tayler, 25, met U.S. Navy Officer, Eric, 25, as freshmen in college when she only had her mind set on making new friends. Little did she know, she’d find a great friend, and an even better companion, in Eric. “His approach was much different from the other guys," Tayler shares. “He was very nice, respectful and such a gentleman. Maybe that’s why we developed a friendship first.”

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"When Eric would be on deployment, he would surprise me by sending 'just because' flowers and edible arrangements. It was sweet because he still thought of me even when he was millions of miles away and fighting for our country," Tayler spills.

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"I knew he was the one when during his first deployment in 2009 our main form of communication was email and though it was quite challenging at times, ironically, the distance brought us closer," Tayler shares.

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"Eric is the best man for me because we balance each other out in so many ways," Tayler gushes. "He is truly my soulmate and my love for him is endless. We have definitely grown up together. I thank God every day for blessing me with such a loving, caring, handsome and thoughtful man."

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"My friends say he is the perfect match for me because he is very patient, gives me balance and complements my personality," Tayler shares. "My friends have witnessed our relationship grow over the years and have had a chance to witness the love and happiness we share as a couple."

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"I most love her selflessness and the way she puts others before herself," Eric says about his bride-to-be.

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"Eric was the first person to say 'I love you,'" Tayler admits. "He kind of blurted it out one day when we were having a conversation."

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Describe the man you’re about to marry in three words or less… "Handsome, thoughtful, loving," says Tayler.

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"I was excited while searching for her ring and planning the engagement party; however it wasn't until the night of the engagement that I became extremely nervous. I wanted everything to go perfect for Tayler," Eric shares.

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"The thing I’m looking forward to most about marriage is waking up to my soulmate every morning," spills the bride-to-be.

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The happy couple dated for five years before they decided to get engaged.

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"In college, my screensaver was my dream ring. Surprisingly, Eric remembered what it looked like and got it," Tayler recalls. "He also had help from my friends to make sure it was the right one."

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"I'm most looking forward to living together, because we have lived in different cities for much of our relationship," shares Eric.

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"My favorite marriage quote is, 'Marriage is not only the beginning of a relationship,' Tayler shares, 'but also the end of a search for the other half of your soul.'" Tayler and Eric will tie the knot this July in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Join us in congratulating the happy couple. Want to see your engagement photos featured? Email us now!