Just Engaged: Shonda and Kevin's Super Cool Engagement Shoot

Could these Florida lovebirds be any more photogenic? We think not.

Charli Penn Apr, 08, 2016

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Kevin tells us that is was Shonda’s self control that really captured his heart. “I mean, even with me being a tall, dark, handsome and charming guy, she managed to fight off temptation,” he jokes. “She actually made me wait an entire year before anything serious started.”

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“I first met his family at one of his football games on campus the start of our sophomore year,” says Shonda. “It was a great experience. I instantly adored his family and began a relationship with them as well. “

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“There are so many things I enjoy doing with my fiancée,” says Kevin.  “But I would have to say that my favorite is random dance sessions while cooking in the kitchen or cleaning up around the house.”

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“The fact that she was as passionate about her schoolwork and education as I was about football is what stood out to me,” says the groom-to-be. “We both had goals and we both scratched and clawed our way to reaching those goals. We will continue to climb the ladder…together.”

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“Although he does many sweet things everyday (including cooking and doing the chores I hate), the sweetest thing he has ever done was rub my belly for hours when I cramped really bad,” Shonda gushes. “And never complained about it!” Smart man! What a keeper.

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“When I first met him, I thought he was very polite and charming,” Shonda shares. “I was instantly attracted to his sense of humor and loved the fact that he took time to get to know me as a person.”

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“Our first vacation as a couple was arguably the best and most memorable,” says the bride-to-be. “We went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, LA in 2011 and had an unforgettable time – just the two of us.”

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“He complements my personality perfectly,” says Shonda. “I can sometimes be a control freak and perfectionist and it’s at those moments he reminds me that life is best lived letting things flow as they may and keeping faith that God works all things out for our good.”

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“I love how strong she is,” says Kevin. “I love the fact that even at her worst she will still do for others without thinking twice about it.”

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“[When he proposed], I couldn’t believe he was actually on one knee asking me to be his wife,” says bride-to-be Shonda. “I tried to focus on not fainting and falling, not to mention making an ugly cry face. Honestly, the feeling is indescribable.”

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“We dated the duration of college and almost two years afterwards,” says Shonda. “A total of five and a half years before he proposed.”

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“The best gift he ever got me was a record player for Christmas,” says Shonda. “I love music and enjoy it even more on vinyl.”

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“During our sophomore year in college I realized that he was the person I began to talk to each and every time I faced a challenge (even when he was the challenge),” says Shonda. “He truly became my best friend and I knew then that I wouldn’t want to live my life without him.”

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“I hope to be a fun, joyful (and of course beautiful) bride that makes this wedding experience enjoyable for my fiancé and I as well as everyone involved in the planning and preparation,” Shonda tells us.

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“He proposed with a diamond ring designed in 3 square cuts,” says Shonda. “We didn’t pick it together but I loved it at first sight.”

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The couple plan to honeymoon in Europe. Join us in wishing them nothing but the best as they head down the aisle. Want to see your engagement photos featured? Email us now!