Just Engaged: Shani + Moses

Just Engaged: Shani and Moses
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 31, 2012

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Childhood sweethearts Shani Ayesha Robinson and Moses Olaseyi A. Tejuoso first met as 12-year-olds goofing around at their neighborhood pool in Tennessee. After dating on and off for nearly 15 years, they finally got serious after college. This summer, they’re headed to the altar hand-in-hand.

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Shani credits a self-help book with helping her recognize true love in her life. “After reading a book called ‘Calling In the One,’ I used the law of attraction to attract my soul mate,” she shares.

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With this stunning princess cut diamond ring Moses asked the woman he always knew he was destined to be with to meet him at the altar and vow to “spend a century” or more with him.

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Atlanta residents Shani and Moses love the outdoors. They often hike up Georgia’s Stone Mountain together and take walks in Atlanta’s gorgeous Piedmont Park, where they took these lovely photos.

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The to-be-weds never miss a chance to be out and about together, Shanie tells us. “We like going to open houses. We like live music. We like spending time with our families. My father works at a book store and gets me all the latest conscious books. Moses loves when I read the books to him.”

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Both Shani and Moses’ parents went to Tennessee State University and their fathers were actually old college buddies.

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If you ask Shani and Moses what they see in each other, they’re quick to tell you all the qualities they cherish. “He is very supportive, patient and loving,” says Shani. “She is free-spirited and open-minded and always optimistic about my career, even when my family isn’t,” Moses adds. They’re even going natural together. “When I decided to grow locks he followed my lead and is doing so as well.”

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“Immediately after we got engaged my mother told Moses that he can start calling her mom,” Shani proudly recalls. Both their families are very close-knit and the couple’s pleased with how effortless it was to blend their worlds.

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Shani’s very close to her Godsisters, who playfully like to call her fiance “Shamoses” because the two of them are joined at the hip.

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“The most exciting part about being engaged is combining our visions about future plans and what we want to do after we get married,” Shani tells us. “We also like the camaraderie that we share with other engaged and married couples.”