"Clifton’s gift of himself to me is the greatest gift ever," sassy Sara. "I know it's mildly cliché, but it’s the truth."

"I knew that it was on his heart to propose and that he had been praying about it," says Sara. "I had no idea when  the proposal would happen."

8 of 15 Total Exceptance

"Clifton accepts and loves me for who I am and how I am," says Sara. "He understands me and appreciates me. He is spiritual and God-fearing."

9 of 15 Love Bonus

"Clifton is authentic and not afraid to keep a bit of youthfulness tucked away," Sara explains. "He is all that I could ask for in a man, with a few bonus features."

10 of 15 An All Around Winner

"My parents love Clifton," says Sara. "My mom has been a huge fan of him from the beginning. She tends to read people pretty well, so once I realized she picked up positive vibes, I was relieved. It took my Dad a little while to warm up to the fact that one of his babies was engaged to be married. Thanks to my stepmom, he’s warming up to the idea. (Smiles)"

11 of 15 Drawn Together

"It’s said that you get the feeling when you meet 'The One,'" says Clifton. "From the night I met Sara, I had a feeling that I just couldn’t shake. Every day it got stronger and stronger."

12 of 15 The Woman I Love

"I could name a ton of things about Sara that I love," says Clifton. "A few traits that I appreciate the most are her positivity, her beautiful spirit, her strength, and the fact that she's personable and full of personality."

13 of 15 It's a New Day

"I’m looking forward to learning and growing with my future husband as his wife," says Sara. "I’m excited about starting a family and establishing traditions unique to us."

14 of 15 Sara and Clifton Just Engaged

"Our wedding will be traditional with modern flares," says Sara. "The ceremony will take place mid-day and be a conventional Christian wedding. For our reception, we hope to incorporate a balance of colors that remind us of fall (oranges and greys), along with details that speak to us as a couple!  We’re envisioning décor that is sophisticated and crisp. We’re looking forward to seeing all the elements come together, and sharing it with our families and close friends."

15 of 15 It's Almost Here

Sara and Clifton are headed to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for their honeymoon. Join us in congratulating the happy couple!

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