Just Engaged: Roshal and Zwade

Just Engaged: Roshal and Zwade
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 10, 2012

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Roshal and Zwade were both students at Emery University, but the campus is so large, they had never crossed paths. A smart mutual friend had a hunch that they’d be perfect together and decided to set them up on a date. You know how the rest of the story goes. Now, the happy couple are headed to the altar this winter. Share their love!

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“He is a true partner in my life. He is loving, kind and supportive – all the things you want your husband to be,” says Roshal. “He will make an excellent father to our children. But most importantly, he inspires me to be the best version of myself.”

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“When we’re finally husband and wife, I can’t wait to change my last name,” says Roshal. The couple already lives together so that change, she says, will signify the beginning of their new chapter.

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“My dad always tells me that I am marrying a great guy,” says Roshal. “My mom adores him, and never misses an opportunity to let him know that.”

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“From the first day we met we were nearly inseparable,” Roshal said of her and Zwade’s relationship. “Still, it took almost a year to say the ‘L’ word.”

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Roshal has an emerald-cut diamond ring with trapezoids on the sides and pave diamonds around each stone. The couple picked the ring out together because Zwade wanted to make sure they both loved it.

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“If you’re spying on us on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch us hanging out with friends over dinner and drinks,” says Roshal. “We consider ourselves adventurous eaters, and one of our favorite things to do is to try out new restaurants with our friends.”

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“We were friends first, albeit flirtatious friends,” Roshal says. “We seemed to always be moving towards dating. And neither of us resisted the process.”

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Roshal and Zwade are planning a big, outdoor wedding. “The colors are emerald green and light blue with gold accents,” Roshal says, “and our Caribbean cultures will be on display.”

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“We both get along with each other’s parents amazingly well,” says Roshal. “Our parents have such similar personalities that the transition into ‘one big happy family’ was quite seamless.”

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“We got engaged at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens,” Roshal says of the special day. "He tipped me off when he insisted that I wear heels and dress up for what was supposed to be a trek through the gardens with his family.

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Roshal Erskine, 29, and Zwade Marshall,29, met through a mutual friend in the summer of 2008. He works as a resident physician and she as an attorney. “I think he chose to marry me because he is completely himself around me,” says Roshal. “His job requires him to be very serious, and he is silly at heart. I bring more of that out of him.”

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“I love that my future husband is thoughtful and supportive,” says Roshal. In three words she describes him as driven, intelligent and masculine.

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Roshal said she had a strong hunch, with a few months of dating, that Zwade was ‘The One.’

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During a trip to Jamaica to visit her parents, Roshal said Zwade had a private conversation with her parents about his intentions. “It was out of character for him, but he achieved the intended result,” Roshal says. “It put their minds completely at ease.”