Just Engaged: Rosetta and Tommie

When Tommie asked Rosetta to invite all of their friends over for a Cinco de Mayo party, she had no idea she was planning her own surprise engagement!

Myeisha Essex Nov, 26, 2012

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"He totally tricked me into planning my own surprise engagement," Rosetta, 31, said of her husband-to-be Tommie, 35, on their proposal night. "We planned to have a Cinco de Mayo party at his house and invited all of our friends and family. Everyone was having a great time, then he came out on the deck in the backyard, dressed in a suit, as the DJ played "So High" by John Legend. He called me over to his side, as he started to thank everyone for coming. Then, he turned to me and pulled out the ring. I started to cry. Of course, I said yes!"

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Tommie says he's most looking forward to starting a family with his bride-to-be. "Rosetta has been a great girlfriend and fianceé, and I know she’s going to be a great wife and mother," he says.  

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"I am looking forward to building a family and forming a lasting Conner legacy with my fiancé," Rosetta says.

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"We had gone to look at rings and were talking a lot more about marriage, but I didn’t know it was going to happen the day it actually did," Rosetta says. "He went to Jared and got me the Leo princess cut diamond, with smaller diamonds along the band on a platinum setting."

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"If you’re spying on us on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch us out at a lounge dancing," Rosetta says. "One night we wanted to go some place we had never been. It was a random week day so we looked online and found a lounge spot. It was a different kind of crowd, but it ended up being fun!"

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"We're having a beach wedding," Rosetta tells us. "Our colors are fuchsia, khaki and white, and we will be honeymooning in Cancun and New York City."

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"The thing I love most about Rosetta is her spirit," Tommie says. "She is always up for a challenge and always eager to try new things. It inspires me."

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Rosetta says, "When we’re finally husband and wife, I can’t wait to sign my name, Dr. Rosetta Conner!"

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"My friends really love Tommie for me," Rosetta says. "They can see how happy he makes me. They say he is a really good guy." And as far as her parents go, she says her mom really loves him too: "She can’t wait to have another son-in-law. My dad likes him. He just wants him to take care of his baby girl."

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Rosetta says Tommie always does thoughtful things for her. "But I think one of the sweetest," she says, "was when, after only knowing me for six months, he helped to move me from Atlanta to Tuskegee, AL for veterinary school."

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In their spare time, Rosetta says she and Tommie love to take pictures. "His hobby is photography, and I love to be photographed, so we like to go find random areas in our city and take pictures," she says. 

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"I love our random adventures when we just go explore the city and look for cool places to take pictures or hang out," Tommie says.

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Rosetta says the sexiest part of Tommie's body is his dimples. 

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Tommie said he fell in love with Rosetta because of the way she loves him. "It’s a kind of love that doesn’t require saying it because you can feel it," he says.

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"He is the male version of me, in that, he is corny," Rosetta says. She describes her future husband as caring, generous and thoughtful, and he loves to have a good time! 

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Rosetta says the day Tommie proposed was the happiest day of her entire life. Join us in wishing the happy couple congratulations. Be sure to share your thoughts and well-wishes below as well. See more fun photos from their shoot over at The Bride's Cafe now. Want to see your engagement photos featured in Just Engaged? Email us sample images and your story now.