Just Engaged: Ronica and Christopher

After meeting at church, Ronica and Christopher were instantly smitten and soon realized their love was a gift from God.

Charli Penn Jan, 09, 2013

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Ronica, 31, and Christopher, 29, met and fell in love at their ministers’ wedding. Their ministers were marrying each other and they were both part of the wedding. Ronica caught his eyes from across the church. He says, that night an angel whispered to him that Ronica was his future wife. Their love grew and grew and she realized God had put Christopher in her life for a reason – to take good care of her heart. They’re getting hitched in North Carolina this March. Share their love!

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Ronica and Christopher first met in 2009. “He has repeatedly told me that he knew at the moment he saw me and sparked the conversation that I was his wife,” she tells us. “

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Ronica admits to playing a little hard to get in the beginning. “I’m just a southern lady who believes in courtship, and ours lasted seven months before I accepted his beautiful request to be his girlfriend,” she says.

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Once, for a surprise date, Christopher took Ronica on a two-day cruise then whisked her away for two extra days in the Bahamas. She was blown away by his devotion to finding new ways to make her smile.

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“Besides the fact that she is beautiful, intelligent, and can cook, I love her genuine heart and personality,” says Christopher. “She has compassion for those in need and can put a smile on my face every time I see her.”

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Christopher says he wasn’t the least bit nervous about proposing to Ronica. “Since meeting her, I always knew I wanted to marry her, and I was excited about being one step closer to making that dream a reality,” he says. “I’m looking forward to being able to see her every day and grow together as one!”

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Ronica can’t wait to be a Mrs. “I am most looking forward to building our life together as one, and helping to expand each other’s personal and career dreams,” she says.

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“Christopher is always sweet,” Ronica says. “He is a true gentleman and such a giving person. The sweetest thing he has ever done was set up and plan two very special scavenger hunts. The first led me to being his girlfriend. The second led me to being his fianceé on the day he proposed.

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The lovebirds called themselves boyfriend and girlfriend for three happy years before Christopher surprised her with a ring.

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“The best gift he has ever given me is his heart,” says Ronica. “It is the most endearing and most special gift above all. However, my gorgeous engagement ring and gift of pearls (matching pearl ring, necklace, and earrings!) weren’t bad either. Pretty girls wear 20 pearls!”

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Ronica’s friends say Christopher is “a keeper,” “so sweet” and “such a nice guy.” And, we can see why.

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“He is the man I’ve been waiting for all my life,” says the bride-to-be. “He is the one God designed and prepared especially for me. “

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“Christopher is the best man for me because he understands me, appreciates me and loves me,” says Ronica. “He helps me to cherish and value things that I would normally see as flaws, and in doing so, brings greater value and purpose to my life.“

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“We talked about marriage, kids, careers, the works, on our first date,” says Ronica. “He brought it up, and it’s been a constant talk and aspiration of ours since.”

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“Christopher is a leader, and I trust him to be the head of our future household because of the example he lives daily as a true man of God,” Ronica tells us. “He has taught me patience and love.  He is my best friend.”

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“I am so blessed, says Ronica, recalling the moment when Christopher proposed. “I was thinking, wow, my man has put some thought into this. I absolutely adore and love this man.”

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“I think Christopher chose to marry me because I love him with every beat of my heart,” says Ronica. Did you enjoy their story? Leave the happy couple a little comment love below. Want to see your engagement session featured in Just Engaged? Send us an email now.