Just Engaged: Regina and Ron's Engagement Photos

Regina relocated to North Carolina for a new job and was pleasantly surprised to bump into her old college crush Ron one night. The rest, as they say, is history. Cheers to their engagement news!

Charli Penn Jul, 23, 2014

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“We connected and I could not deny what was going on there,” says Regina. “We share the same values, outlook on life, ambition and laughter. It was a perfect situation to find.”

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“To my friends he is Brother Ron,” Regina tells us. “They love him. He gets along extremely well with my friends and they are always comfortable around each other. Never an awkward or dull moment when he is around.”

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“On our first Valentine’s Day he got me a book of fairy tales,” Regina shares. “At first I was like, okay what is this? I opened it and inside the cover of the book he wrote our very own fairy tale and how we could live happily ever after. I thought it was so special and thoughtful. Greatest gift ever!”

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“I love my ring,” Regina shares. “It is a double halo with a cushion cut diamond in the center. Yes, we picked it out together a couple of months before he proposed. I had no idea he was going to get the one I wanted!”

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“Gina is by far the most passionate human being I have ever encountered,” says Ron. “From school, to work, to me, she gives 110 percent of herself. I love the fact that no matter what she gives 110-percent to us.”

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“When we first started dating we’d sit around and listen to music together,” says Ron. “Everything about it was so innocent and I had the opportunity to really learn all the little intricacies over one of our shared interests. Having the opportunity to dive deep into great conversations opened my eyes to the wonderful soul of Regina.”

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“I knew Gina would be my wife after our first phone conversation,” Ron shares. “She didn’t quite have me at ‘hello,’ but I was gone after ‘goodnight.’ Common said it best. ‘It don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine.’”

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“I really enjoy traveling with my lady,” says Ron. “She loves to experience new things so we rarely have boring moments on the road. From the beach to random road trips to Georgia, we enjoy every moment.”

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“We’ve had such great dates, both spontaneous and planned,” says Regina. “Every time I have the opportunity to spend moments out with my future husband, he does his best to make it special.”

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“We are having an outdoor southern charmed wedding with a tented reception,” says Regina. “It will be laid back and intimate. We just want our guests to be comfortable and have a good time. Our colors are navy blue and yellow.”

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Regina and Ron will tie the knot in September in Raleigh, North Carolina and they’re still deciding on where to honeymoon.

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“I am trying not to be a bridezilla, but I do like things done as orderly and efficiently as possible,” Regina admits. Well the big day is close and she’s still keeping her cool, so it’s safe to say she’ll hold it together.

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“I was honestly more nervous about asking her dad for permission than proposing,” says Ron. He’s a retired major in the Army and I thought about my approach to that with the same strategy one would in a short battle. The day of the proposal I knew I was making the best decision a young man can make.

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Join us as we congratulate Regina and Ron on their upcoming wedding day. Don't forget to leave the happy couple a little comment love below.