Just Engaged: Pernilla and Chris

Chris and Pernilla made an instant connection at church, and now they have their families' blessings to walk down the aisle. Let's celebrate their love!

Charlene Cooper Jun, 19, 2013

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The happy couple connected after sharing a few laughs following a Sunday service. Now the soul mates are ready to exchange vows in a "modern meets traditional" wedding ceremony this September. Let's celebrate their love!

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Pernilla admits that love caught her by surprise when she met Chris. She had no desire to find it at the time she did. "I was single and in graduate school preparing for my career," says Pernilla. "I was tired of dead end relationships. This was me time."

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Pernilla made quite the impression at their first meeting. "He thought that I was beautiful, high maintenance, stylish, driven, confident, and a challenge," says the bride-to-be.

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What really caught Pernilla's attention was Chris well-mannered ways. "He spoke to me with such class and respect," spills Pernilla. "I was excited to see where a relationship with him would go."

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Second to his heart, Pernilla says the other sexiest part of Chris' body are his arms.

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"After my 30 day fast I knew that he was the one," shares Pernilla. "I was in total prayer asking that God show me a sign if he wasn’t the one and he only showed me that Chris was indeed the man of valor that he had intended for me."

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There's no doubt that Chris earned his spot in Pernilla's heart. "Year two, I took him through a 30-day trial period like AOL used to have," says Pernilla. "I told him that throughout this trial period he needed to show me that he was truly ready to be the person he said he would be for me." Looks like it worked!

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The sweethearts love to go out to eat, catch a movie and cook together for fun. What'll you find them doing on a Friday night? "Eating wings and catching up on our shows that are on our DVR," they say.

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Although Pernilla was first to say 'I love you,' Chris was just as madly in love with her. "I fell in love with her ambition to be impactful in the world, her passion in everything she does to be successful and her transparency with her thoughts feelings and emotions," he shares.

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The lovebirds dated for three years before getting engaged. It was just enough time for them to be certain they were a perfect match. "I had been praying that I didn't want to start a new relationship with anyone that was not the one," says Pernilla.

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"I knew that I would be engaged soon, but the day that he actually did it, I didn't expect it until moments before he got down on one knee," Pernilla says. She says the best gift Chris has ever given her was her engagement ring. "He made sure it wasn’t hard to miss."

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"Chris is the best man for me because we are truly friends," says Pernilla. "We enjoy each other’s presence. He and I have the same outlook on life and our future. Most importantly, God placed us together, and we continuously put him first."

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"My friends truly love the relationship that Chris and I have," says Pernilla. "They always compliment me on how well he respects and adores me." As for what Pernilla's mother thinks of her future hubby, she says, "She absolutely loves him! If my dad were alive, I know that he would be proud of the man that is engaged to his daughter."

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"I think he chose to marry me because he knows that I am the one that God placed in his life to be his helpmate," shares Pernilla.

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The happy couple plan to celebrate their honeymoon on St. Lucia's Jade Mountain. What goodies will Pernilla bring along to the exotic island? "A two piece swim suit, camera, and a pair of heels," she says.

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"I love that my future husband is a leader and he always puts me first," Pernilla brags of her man. 

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Chris can't wait to marry and grow with Pernilla. "I am looking forward to building a family and growing closer together through lessons learned in the ups and downs of life," he says.

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What is Pernilla looking forward to in marriage? Growing, learning and dating my best friend while raising a healthy family," she says. Join us in congratulating them on their wonderful engagement by leaving them a little comment love below. Want to see your engagement photos featured in Just Engaged? Email us now!