Just Engaged: Octavian and Henry

Love snuck up on Octavian and Henry. They both tried to fight it at first, but soon it was clear that their hearts beat only for each other. Share their engagement joy!

Charli Penn Feb, 20, 2013

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Sometimes love has its own plan. Octavian, 31, a social insurance specialist, and Henry, 31, a sales specialist were introduced by her cousin. Intrigued but cautious, they decided to meet up at a local Home Depot. She was fresh out of a lengthy relationship and he wasn’t convinced he was looking for love. What happened next was out of their control but it felt too good to resist. Five years later, he popped the question and now wedding bells are ringing. Share their engagement joy!

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“Our idea of fun is watching movies and trying out different restaurants,” the bride-to-be tells us.

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Henry and Octavian enjoy sharing firsts together. She says, “He even took me to a rodeo once!”

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“Henry and I have been in a long distance relationship for the past three years,” explains Octavian. “So, each day, he will dedicate a love song to me on my Facebook page.”

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“I thought Henry would propose during the holidays,” says Octavian. “Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day had come and gone and there was still no proposal. He proposed on January 2!”

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“My friends think he is perfect for me,” says Octavian. “We are total opposites.  I am more reserved and he is very outgoing and charismatic.”

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“My parents think he is a great guy and that I made a good choice,” says Octavian. “I am able to be myself around him, and I am not afraid to follow his lead.”

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“We enjoy traveling together, but nothing beats TV time in each other's arms,” explains Henry, who shares that his soon-to-be-wife is a very thorough planner who keeps him grounded at all times.

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“I am looking forward to the pursuit of happiness with my lifelong partner and starting our new life together as a family,” says Henry.

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“I can’t wait to come home to my man every night and spend the rest of my life with him,” says Octavian. After their wedding, the duo plan to honeymoon in the Bahamas.

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Octavian and Henry plan to tie the knot in Jackson, Mississippi in April, and she says she’s thrilled to be marrying a man who is family-oriented, romantic and committed.

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“When we’re in the same city together, we love double dating with friends and listening to live bands,” says Octavian.

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