Just Engaged to Newlyweds: Our Favorite Couples Say I Do

You met these couple on their journey to the altar this year and now we share a first look at their wedding day. Cheers to love!

Charli Penn Dec, 23, 2015

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You met these couples on their journey to the altar this year and now we share a first look at their wedding day. Cheers to love!

2 of 31 Ross Oscar Knight

Kela told us that her proposal was "a simple and perfect moment with my dad and my future husband.” Read the story here.

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Married On: May 15, 2015
Location: Memphis
“What made our wedding day perfect was God's grace and blessings through the small window He gave us to have our outside ceremony,” shares the bride. “Everyone knows it rains a lot the month of May in Memphis, specifically the first and third weekends. We were on weather watch all week. As luck would have it, rain was in the forecast. From the 26th floor of the Hilton Hotel I watched the storm roll in. God parted the clouds just long enough to have our wedding just as I had planned. On the bright side, the cloudiness made for some awesome photos.”

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Jazmyn met her groom Marquette during her freshman year at Spelman college. Their sweet best friends-turned-soul mates love story will make anyone a believer. Remember their engagement shoot?

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Married On: April 24, 2015.
Location: Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
“The best thing about our wedding day was being surrounded by over 130 of our closest friends and family,” says the bride. “We hadn't expected many people, so we were shocked and humbled by the number of people who traveled from near and far to celebrate us in Puerto Rico. We were especially grateful to have been joined by both of our grandmothers. On our wedding day, the love and excitement radiating from our guests was palpable - it was the most amazing feeling in the world.”

6 of 31 Ernest Ford

Kamau proposed to Mika with a stunning round Neil Lane halo ring. See more from the engagement shoot on Howard University's Campus here.

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Married On: July 10, 2015
Location: Brooklyn, NY
"The little things that may not have went as planned didn't matter because we were surrounded by so much love in the city we love, Brooklyn,” says Mika. “That made our wedding even more perfect.” And her groom agrees. "The wedding was also made extra special by some of my wife's beautiful hand-made designs such as the men's bow ties, and her bedazzled, jewelry-encrusted bouquet,” he adds. This reflected our love, our uniqueness, and the custom made nature of the day itself."

8 of 31 Tangie Renee Photography

“I knew Greg was ‘The One’ when I saw his love and care following my surgery,” says Jen. “I practically moved in with him for a month or so (under his loving demands), and he waited on me hand and foot the entire time changing his work schedule so that he could come home, fix my meals, and administer my meds." See their engagement photos here.

9 of 31 Dwight Ladd of Ladd Photography

Married On: September 20, 2015
Location: Atlanta, GA
"We know it sounds romantically cliché, but it was the beautiful sacredness of two becoming one in the sight of God that made our special day perfect. (Granted, doing so overlooking the city on a 28th floor rooftop with gorgeous fall weather didn't hurt one bit either. Lol.) But in all honesty, it was sharing such a beautiful experience in the company of our loving and supportive family and friends that created a lifetime of memories."

10 of 31 Wale Ariztos

“It was love at first conversation,” Nydia told us back when we shared the couple's engagement joy. “From our first conversation, I knew there was something special about Terrance.” See more from their shoot here.

11 of 31 Cendino Temé Photography

Shayeon proposed to Emilia right in the middle of their salsa dance performance. “Will you be my wife and dance with me at our wedding?” he asked her. See their engagement feature here.

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Married On: August 18th, 2015
Location: Altos de Chavon of Casa de Campo in La Romana Dominican Republic
“What made our wedding experience perfect, besides marrying the love of my life, was that our family was able to experience a number of first together,” says the bride. “Their first cruise, first family vacation, first time out of the country.  Our friends put their lives on hold for eight days to witness a 10 year love story come to fruition.”

13 of 31 Fotos By Fola

“Toyosi anchors me and has taught me a lot about myself,” the bride-to-be Damiola told us then. “He protects me and defends me, but most importantly, he pushes me to be a better follower of Christ. We have the same ideas and values when it comes to our faith.” See their engagement feature here.

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Married On: July, 26
Location: Atlanta, GA
"My wedding day was made perfect when I saw the look on my husband's face as I was walking down the aisle,” she tells us. “He was in so much aww that he cried, and I was truly shocked.” He adds, “"I knew that I was marrying my best friend. I had no doubts, but when she walked down the aisle, I felt so lucky and blessed that she said yes! I was overwhelmed by God's love towards me.”

15 of 31 Fotos By Fola

Briona and Kris posed in matching greek jackets for their engagement shoot.

16 of 31 Sascha Gluck

Married On: September 4, 2015
Location: Cancun, Mexico
“What made our wedding day perfect was the intimacy of our ceremony,” says the bride. “We had 15 of our closest family and friends to share our beautiful day with and we wouldn't have had it any other way! Destination weddings ROCK!!”

Anthony learned a lot from his new wife. "She showed me how patient, understanding and fun a partner could be," he told us. See their engagement here.

18 of 31 Pressmark LLC

Married On: October 17, 2015
Location: Columbia, SC
“We got married during the infamous ‘thousand year flood’ event that occurred in South Carolina,” says the bride. “Despite the roadblocks, washed out bridges, flooded areas and chaos, we had guests brave the dangerous travel conditions to come from all over the entire U.S to support us. The entire day was filled with genuine friendship and love.”

19 of 31 Dana Lee Jones Photography

Jenaya and Brian dated for nine months before he proposed. See their sexy, fun engagement shoot here.

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Married On: June 7, 2015
Location: Atlanta, GA
The quote of theirwedding was "Never walk alone.” “It was the last sentence of my vows and sums up our whole wedding day up perfectly,” says Jenaya. “My wedding day was perfect because we had all of our close family and friends there to help us celebrate our marriage. This day was truly a fairy tale because the vision I had planned in my head for a year became a reality and it turned out perfect. I married my soul mate, so life doesn't get any better than that! “

21 of 31 Catherine O'Hara Photography

Jen and Preston's Parisian engagement photos blew us away!

22 of 31 Tracie Smith

Married On: October 11, 2015
Location: Baltimore, MD/

"Being able to have a one-on-one moment with my husband during our first look was absolute perfection,” says the bride. “Having that quiet time together before the ceremony really allowed us to soak in all of the love we have for each other and the beauty of our day.” Preston says, “"I was overwhelmed with joy when the day finally arrived for us to take a giant, thrilling leap in to our future together. During our first look, the stunning way that Jennifer looked in her wedding dress highlighted how beautiful she truly is, both on the inside and out, and it felt like a dream to marrying the perfect woman for me.”

23 of 31 Kesha Lambert Photography

“Saeed is truly my best friend,” says Julienne. “I can’t imagine being with anyone else. We were born for each other; our pieces are like a puzzle – a perfect fit.” Remember their romantic engagement shoot?

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Married On: Sept 13, 2015
Location: Brooklyn, NY
“The night was perfect because it was a huge party celebrating the two of us,” the couple tells us. “We had the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop at our rooftop ceremony. The specialty cocktails, reggae and soca music made it a memorable night.  We couldn't imagine a better way to commit ourselves.”

25 of 31 Wings Of Time Photography

Kendaya and Covelle met at their kids’ little league games. Although they were there to watch the kids play, they wound up hitting a home run when they feel in love throughout the season. Revisit their fun engagement shoot here.

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Married On: July 25,2015
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
“Our wedding was about two best-friends marrying one another, sharing the joyous day with our kids, and just making our family official,” says Kendaya.

27 of 31 Wale Ariztos

Married On: July 11, 2015
Location: Washington, D.C.
“Our wedding was perfect represented the our love and hard work in growing our relationship and collaborating to plan the perfect day as well as the start of our beautiful commitment to God and one another as husband and wife,” Nydia says. “We tried our best to create a day that truly represented us but would be memorable for our guests, which we hope it was!"

"He just gets me. I don’t have to explain why I am who I am," Tanika says of her love, Brian. Speaking of love, we couldn't get enough of their engagement photos. See them here.

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Married On: July 25, 2015
Wedding Location: Montreal, Canada
“Finally getting to make Tanika my wife and having her by my side made it perfect,” says Brian. Tanika felt the love on their special day too. “Feeling all the love of family and friends surround us and envelope us, we truly felt celebrated,” she says.

Teresa and Stanley met on an online dating website. They had a good feeling about each other from the start. Teresa says Stanley had "kind eyes" and he loved Teresa's "captivating smile." It was the beginning of a beautiful love story. See photos from their surprise engagement here.

31 of 31 Elaina - George Street Photos

Married On: Saturday May 9th, 2015
Location: Midland, Georgia
“Our wedding day was "perfect" from start to finish because in addition to marrying the sweetest man on earth, we felt it was so natural for us to incorporate three of the most important aspects of our relationship into the ceremony as well as the reception,” says the lovely bride. “We love to SING, DANCE and LAUGH!”


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