Just Engaged: Nadya and Jordache

Just Engaged: Nadya and Jordache
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 18, 2011

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Jordache and Nadya shared a long distance love for the first five years they were together. He was in D.C at Howard while she was way in Nashville at Vanderbilt. After graduation, Nadya moved to Philadelphia to attend medical school. They saw each other every two months, at best. “The distance made us really value the times when we saw each other,” she says.

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“I thought he was cute, and a true gentleman, but really shy,” Nadya recalls of her first impressions of Jordache.

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Nadya and Jordache’s engagement joy shined right through their photos.

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Our favorite photo by far, here Nadya and Jordache cuddle while we get a sneak peek at their beautiful love in the rear view mirror.

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Nadya leans on Jordache’s shoulder for this intimate, yet artsy, photo.

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Nadya’s favorite memory with Jordache was a sweet trip for two. “When we were dating for a few months Jordache came to Nashville to visit me. We went on a road trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium. Although Chattanooga isn’t a prime vacation spot, we had such a fun time sightseeing. It was our first weekend away together.”

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Nadya and Jordache clearly have eyes only for each other in this beautiful moment captured on film.

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“Because of all of the bragging on our moms’parts, I always thought fondly of Jordache even though we didn’t know each other,” says Nadya. “So when we started talking as adults, I somehow felt we were meant to be together almost instantly.”

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From the Rolls Royce to the chic outfits this couple really committed to their retro romance theme and we love every bit of it.

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Nadya and Jordache dated for eight blissful years before their big engagement. “There were no make up and break ups,” says Nadya. “We just always stayed really strong in our commitment to each other.” Now that’s what we call dedicated love!

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Even in the park this pair can’t stop kissing. We feel the love, guys! For more photos from Nadya and Jordache’s fabulous love shoot and details on their love story visit The Bride’s Cafe now! Beautiful images by Shira Weinberger.