Just Engaged: Most Romantic Proposals of 2011

Just Engaged: Most Romantic Proposals of 2011
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 27, 2011

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We could tell you how Ejim swept Andrea off her feet and whisked her across the globe at a moment’s notice just to propose atop the Eiffel tower, but it sounds so much better when he says it. “After talking her into going to the Eiffel Tower before Valentine’s Day dinner and waiting in the cold for an hour before finally making it into the highest point in Paris, I nervously handed a startled tourist my camera and urgently whispered ‘start taking as many pictures as possible,’” Ejim recalls. “I got down on one knee and surprised the hell out of Andrea.  And she said yes!” Read the rest of Ejim and Andrea’s love story now.

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Brittany and Keith were set up by their parents. After they both got past the initial embarrassment, they realized their moms were on to something. Five years later, the couple were living in Russia while Keith played international basketball. One evening after a big game, he took Brittany to a restaurant on the 21st floor overlooking downtown Moscow and proposed on bended knee. Read the their story now.

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When US Navy Chief Officer Steve met retired vet Crystal they quickly became each others’ confidants. While Steve was on a tour in Iraq, he turned to Crystal for support. She always had his back. Before they knew what had hit them, they were madly in love. One night, while he was still overseas, Steve asked Crystal to marry him via Skype. Giddy with excitement, they stayed on the phone all night long talking about their future together. Read the rest of their story here.

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Most women dream of an over-the-top proposal right out of a romantic movie, but Ekecia actually experienced one. She and Dwayne had a movie date planned, but when they showed up to the theater, there was no one there but them. “Dwayne rented out a private upscale theater for just us,” she recalls. “He created a movie using photographs and videos he’d recorded of us over the courtship. Some of the films I didn’t even know he had recorded! The film ended with the words, ‘Will You Marry Me.’ Dwayne got down on one knee and proposed with a beautiful ring.” Read their story now.

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When Anslem took Starr to his hometown in St. Lucia, he had more on his itinerary than she could have imagined. On the last night of their getaway they shared a beautiful sunset dinner overlooking the beach. “He reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper and began reading this beautiful poem entitled, ‘I Love,’” Starr recounts. “When he was done reading, he said how he wrote the poem in college and always said how he wanted to give it to a woman he wanted to marry.” Now that’s deep. Read their story now.

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When Gennaro was ready to propose to his lady-love Monique he needed help throwing her off his trail. She thought her family was taking her out for the evening, but out of nowhere Gennaro pulled up in a limo wearing a three-piece suit with a ring in hand. He strolled right into their home, dropped down on one-knee and gave a heartfelt proposal, complete with a tearful speech about new beginnings. Monique was overcome with emotion. Read the couple’s story now.

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When you’re lying in bed talking about the future with your boyfriend and he gets up and says he has to go run an errand, the last thing you expect him to do is go out and get a ring. Well, Kevin did. Ashley dosed when he left and when she woke up again there was a little blue ring box sitting on her pillow. Read Ashley and Kevin’s love story now.

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During their six-year relationship, Claire and Antonio overcame one hurdle after the next. He was deployed to Kuwait and she enrolled in a vigorous medical school program. One night, she came home to find rose petals everywhere and a photographer snapping away in their living room. Antonio proposed to Claire while a hidden camera broadcast a live-stream across the net so her friends and family could watch along too. She was speechless and overwhelmed with joy. Read their love story now.

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Cynetra and David have been in love since their senior year of high school. After 12 years, their love had stood the test of time and David was ready to make Cynetra his wife. She took him out to a nice steakhouse for his birthday, but he turned his special day into hers. “When the server returned to the table, he had two plates but no candle. The server said, ‘I don’t have a candle because I didn’t want to distract from this, and placed the two plates down. One with the ring and the other was my bread pudding." Read the couple’s story now.

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On Christmas night 2010, Felicia and Chris were playing a game similar to Scrabble with her little sisters. The object of the game was to spell a word using the letter you fished out of the bag. Growing frustrated with Felicia’s boring word play, her sisters started spelling something she didn’t understand. When they were done, the board said, “Cute Tee Will You Marry Me” with the words “Kiss” and “Love U” on the sides. It took Felicia a few moments to figure out what it said and when she did she turned to find Chris on bended knee with her engagement ring in his hand. Read their story now.