Just Engaged: Makeda and Eric's Engagement Photos

Makeda and Eric met in boarding school their freshman year and were “official” by graduation. Now they’re tying the knot this summer and we’re helping them celebrate!

Charli Penn Jun, 10, 2014

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The moment when he saw me totally. Flaws and all, imperfections glaring and still loved me. He showed me that he loved me and had vision for our life; even when I was afraid and couldn’t see it for myself.

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“He knows me, he sees me at my best, while not ignoring my worst,” says Makeda. “He pushes me to be better, work harder, not whine or quit. He balances me out and reminds me always of my roots and who I actually am.”

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“My mother and grandmothers love him,” says Makeda. “And, my dad thinks he is a cool dude too.”

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“We love finding new great places to eat,” says Makeda. “We visit our favorite restaurant (Cuba in the Village) and then walk around and just chill together. Maybe shop, maybe grab drinks, maybe see a movie, but we like just chillin’ and having fun as friends and a couple.”

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Makeda says Eric said “I love you” first. “It was the summer right before we officially started dating, the summer after we graduated from high school.”

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“The proposal caught me by total surprise,” says Makeda. “Even though we had been dating so long, I wasn’t pushing for us to get engaged or married. I definitely believe what is meant to be will, so I just left it all to God. I knew God had a plan either way for my life, and whatever it was I would follow.”

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“She’s the total package,” says Eric. “She has brains and beauty. She’s extremely intelligent and when she’s passionate about something the world better watch out. But she’s also gorgeous and captures the attention of any room we walk in.”

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“I was always extremely attracted to Makeda because of her brains and beauty,” says Eric. “But I ultimately fell in love with her because she wanted the same things in life that I did. We shared such a similar vision for the future that I felt like it was destined for us to be together.”

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“I knew that she was special and that I wanted to grow with her,” says Eric. “Makeda and I were really young when we started dating, so that was most important to me.”

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“Makeda and I love to eat good food and talk,” says Eric. “So whether it’s cooking a good meal at home or going to a restaurant, they’re both one of our favorite things to do.”

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“I’m most looking forward to starting a family,” says Eric. “Makeda and I have been dating for almost nine years so we’ve seen each other in many different roles but we haven’t seen each other in the role of husband/wife or mother/father. We’re both supremely confident and faithful that we’ll be great in those roles. That anticipation is what’s so exciting.”

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Makeda's ring is a real beauty, isn't it? Well done, Eric.

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“I think our favorite way to communicate is through actions for each other,” says Makeda. “Like cooking or surprising each other with things.”

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“Planning this wedding,” says Makeda. “Eric has been so helpful and in tune with what is going on…sharing his ideas. I love that he thinks it is just as important as I do.”

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Makeda and Eric are having a modern day, fairytale themed wedding and the plans sound absolutely fabulous.

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Makeda and Eric's wedding colors will be pink and grey.

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Makeda and Eric haven’t decided where they’ll honeymoon just yet, but they’re super excited just the same. “Three things you will definitely find in our honeymoon suitcase are swimsuits, sun shades, guide to great local food,” she adds.

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