Just Engaged: Leah and Brandon's Engagement Photos

Leah and Brandon have been together since they were 15. (He was her first boyfriend!) And, now after 11 years of bliss, they’re ready for their happily ever after.

Charli Penn Jun, 25, 2014

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“When I first saw Brandon, I nonchalantly told my sisters that I was going to marry him,” bride-to-be Leah, 27, recalls. “I based this on the fact that I told God I wanted a tall, cute guy, and voilå, there he was! (Laughs)”

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“Brandon has done so many sweet things over the years,” says Leah. “When we were still in high school, he walked all the way from Queens to Long Island just so he could meet me and walk me home from school.”

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“We dated for eleven years before getting engaged,” says Leah. “That’s a long time but we also met so young. We used to say that we wish we met when we were older so that we didn’t have to wait so long to be married. However, I truly feel all those years have truly made us stronger as a couple, and we wouldn’t be who we are today without the experiences of those years.”

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“My friends love him,” says Leah. “They say I got one of the good ones and they often tease that we are so mushy too. Oh well, I have no problem being lovey-dovey with him!”

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Leah says her engagement ring is by far the best gift her future husband has given her to date. Um, we totally agree!

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“My parents have grown to really love him too,” says Leah. “They know he is a respectful young man who loves the Lord and loves and cherishes me and they are very happy and supportive for the both of us.”

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“Brandon and I complement each other very well,” says the bride-to-be. “We are both focused on keeping God and our faith at the center of our relationship.”

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“We have similar qualities and we don’t have to keep each other ‘entertained,’” Leah shares. “We are able to just be ourselves and drop the facades. We can sit and talk and laugh for hours just enjoying each other’s company.”

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“I love the fact that Leah is such a loving and caring woman,” says Brandon. “Her heart is so pure. Her love shows genuinely through her eyes, her smile and her presence.”

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“There is something very special about getting older with someone,” says Brandon. “Throughout the years, our relationship has gone through all of its stages. From our first words to each other, to becoming best friends, to making the decision that there was more to our friendship. Time has definitely made me fall more in love with her. This was meant to be!”

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“Leah from day one has been one of the best things in my life,” says Brandon. “And, without a doubt, I know she is the one for me.”

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“One thing that we have incorporated into our relationship is each other's love languages,” says Brandon. “Time is very important in our relationship and also number one on both of our love languages. Just being in each other's presence is our favorite thing to do.”

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“I was very nervous about proposing to Leah,” Brandon admits. “She is my pastor’s daughter — and his youngest daughter. In order for me to take the next step it was very important for me to take the traditional route. Sitting down face to face with her parents to ask for her hand was definitely the most terrifying day of my life, but it ended well. I am so glad I was able to get through that.”

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“I am most looking forward to just living life together,” says Brandon. “Marriage is a learning experience and though I know a lot about Leah, there is still a lot more to learn about her.”

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Leah and Brandon will become husband and wife at their home church in Brooklyn and then head off to honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.

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“I am most looking forward to making new memories together, learning more about each other and taking over the world together,” says the bride-to-be. Join us as we congratulate Leah and Brandon on their impending nuptials! Want to see your engagement story featured in Just Engaged? Email us now!