Just Engaged: Krystal and Martin

Recognize this scene? Krystal and Martin channeled Darius and Nina from the classic rom-com Love Jones for their engagement shoot.

Charli Penn Nov, 06, 2013

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"Martin is the best man for me because he balances me out," says Krystal. "He is my other half. When I’m too serious or stuck obsessing over something, he brings me back to center. That’s an important quality to have in a life partner. He's someone who brings out the best version of me."

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"I love that my future husband doesn’t take himself too seriously," says Krystal. "He is very passionate about his community and his work but knows how to have a good time and is always the life of the party."

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“We’ve been avid concert goers ever since our first date,” says Krystal. “We absolutely love good music and just really enjoy going out and experiencing a great live show. Aside from music, we both have a guilty pleasure of watching reality TV, especially anything in Atlanta (Love & Hip Hop, Housewives, R&B Divas, etc.).

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“I was on the phone with Martin one day and I cannot remember for the life of me what we were discussing but we were laughing so hard about it,” says Krystal. “I realized then that we genuinely have a good time together and that silly quality he has reminds me a lot of my father. It just felt natural.”

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Krystal and Martin really nailed this famous scene from the film. We can't tell if that's Nia Long or the bride-to-be.

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"Hilarious' is a word most of my friends use to describe Martin," says Krystal. "All of my friends are very comfortable with him. They're so comfortable that several times I’ve accused him of stealing my friends since they start talking to him more than me. (Laughs)"

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What's not to love about this photo? Too cute!

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“I received a beautiful rose gold halo engagement ring with a circle cut diamond and diamonds all around the band,” says Krystal. “It’s gorgeous, unique, and nothing like those other basic rings I was hinting about to my sister.”

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"Martin and I dated for about four years before we got engaged," says Krystal.

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Click that "like" button if you remember this romantic scene from the film. They nailed it again!

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"I had a small hunch that the proposal time was nearing but I had no idea when and where it would happen," says Krystal. "I was even going as far as to design rings online and send pictures to my sister just in case. Little did I know, the ring was already purchased ."

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"My parents really like Martin and they get along great," says Krystal. "He quickly became a part of the family and is now an expected attendant at holiday functions."

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"When we’re (finally!) husband and wife, I can’t wait to travel together," Krystal admits.

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“If you’re spying on us on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch us ordering rolls for delivery from our local Japanese spot and hitting up the Redbox,” says Krystal. “That’s if we’re not at a concert, of course.”

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“Martin is a passionate dreamer,” says Krystal when asked what some of the things she loves most about her hubby-to-be are.

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“Krystal truly loves unconditionally,” says Martin. “She is funny, she is loyal and she makes me need to be better.”

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“I fell in love with Krystal because she dreams with me,” says Martin. “To this day she wills me to do the impossible and believes in me even when I cannot believe in myself. I fell in love with her because she proved to me we could not fail.”

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"I’m looking forward to all the laughs we will share as husband and wife, all of the music we will enjoy and building a family with my best friend," says Martin.

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“I believe any great thing is built from the ground up,” says Martin. “I know she is the one because we labored together and we have produced a powerful and enduring love.”

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Krystal and Martin are tying the knot in Antigua, West Indies in the spring.

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Join us in congratulating Krystal and Martin as they continue their journey to the altar. Leave the happy couple some comment love below and email us if you'd like to share your engagement news on ESSENCE.com.