Just Engaged: Kendra and Rick's Engagement Photos

Rick spotted Kendra in the halls between college classes and was so mesmerized he just had to track her down. When he finally found her again, he made the moment count. Now they’re altar-bound!

Charli Penn Jun, 04, 2014

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"I took my time getting to know Rick, and I realized he was different and unlike anyone I had dated before," bride-to-be Kendra admits. "I met him when I wasn’t looking, and it caught me off guard."

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"I knew Rick was the one when we reunited and started the process of getting to know each other the second time around," says Kendra. "He was the same Rick but he was also different, and in a great way. We both had grown during our time apart. The more time we spent together, the more I knew that our reunion wasn’t by coincidence, and that God had brought us full circle and back together after five years for a purpose."

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"I am a movie buff and he is a fitness buff so we find time to do both," Kendra shares. "We go to the movies a lot or we’ll have a movie night and game night with our friends. We both love to eat, so we enjoy trying new restaurants, so it’s a good thing we enjoy working out together too. We also love going out to listen to live jazz."

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"He picked out a beautiful princess cut halo engagement ring (vintage style)," says Kendra. "We looked at rings a year before he proposed so that he could see what I liked, but I never picked one out. He did this on his own. And he did a fabulous job!"

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"It’s a blessing that we get along with each other’s families so well," says the bride-to-be. "That has always been important to me. Both of our parents are really happy for us. Rick and my dad have similar personality traits and they can talk for hours. He says the same about his mother and me."

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"I think he chose to marry me because he knew that it was destined to be," Kendra shares. "He says he knew it even when we were apart. We are so good together. We really balance each other out."

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"I can’t wait to begin our lives together, from finding a home to call 'ours' (we don’t live together now) and moving in together, to accomplishing great things together as a team," Kendra admits.

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"Kendra is very caring, and expresses her love in so many ways," says Rick. "I truly love her creativity and attention to detail."

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"The first day that I saw her I was enamored with her," says Rick. "Then, when I spoke to her and the conversation flowed smoothly, she really hooked me in playing hard to get. I didn’t have her phone number for the first two weeks of us beginning to talk.  Seriously! I felt this was similar to mission impossible. Ha!"

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"I enjoy planning the next phase of our life, beyond the wedding and knowing that we are in this together and ready to take things to that next level," says Kendra. "The anticipation is fun."

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Kendra tells us that she will NOT be a bridezilla. "No way!" she says. "My personality is way too laid-back for all of that drama. I am very particular about what I like/dislike, but I understand that some things may not turn out exactly as planned (as long as that doesn’t include my hair and makeup) Ha! I don’t have any demanding requests for my bridesmaids either. I have a couple of must-haves that I want for myself and the wedding overall, but I’m carefree for the most part."

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"I am a laid-back bride," Kendra promises. "I plan to keep some wedding traditions, but I also want to do things with a twist to reflect our personalities, so there will be a blend of tradition and new. I like to be unique and creative and think outside of the box. I guess that makes me a modern bride."

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"I’m looking forward to starting our life together as husband and wife and growing together as we build our foundation," says Kendra.

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Kendra and Rick plan to honeymoon in Jamaica, and we're wishing them a fabulous time.

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Join us as we wish Kendra and Rick nothing but the best on their way down the aisle. Want to share your engagement story and photos with us? Email us now!