Just Engaged: Julienne and Saeed's Love Story

A mutual friend introduced Julienne and Saeed after a Brooklyn dance party, and although they both played it cool at the time, they couldn’t wait to reconnect. This week they become husband and wife.

Charli Penn Sep, 10, 2015

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“Saeed is truly my best friend,” says Julienne. “I can’t imagine being with anyone else. We were born for each other; our pieces are like a puzzle – a perfect fit.”

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“We didn’t have to compromise anything about ourselves to be together,” says the bride-to-be. “We didn’t have to settle and we both share the same interests, family values, beliefs and goals. We both have the same Caribbean roots, we share the same profession for a living and we both have dimples. I honestly don’t think it’s by chance how we met.”

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“Even though Saeed gets me great gifts, I always look forward to his handwritten cards,” Julienne explains. “He is the smartest man I know and he has a way with words. Saeed is very thoughtful, so he picks up on things I mention in conversation, and gifts me with those surprises."

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“When I first joined my current company, I had to attend training in Cleveland for a week,” says Julienne when we asked about the sweetest thing her future husband has ever done. “When I got back to New York, Saeed had our entire apartment decorated with balloons and ‘Congratulations’ signs. I felt even more excited to start my new job since he was so proud of me.”

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“He pulled out all the stops and took me to this really nice restaurant in the city one time,” the bride-to-be recalls. “On the date, I got to learn about his background, interests, work experience, education, and family and realized he was the perfect man for me. I didn’t have to settle on anything and I knew I needed to hold on to him.”

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“I love her intuitive thinking,” Saeed shares. “She inspires me to think, do and be better each day.”

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“Though she didn’t seem as interested in our first encounter, there was no doubt in my mind Julienne was ‘The One’ for me,” explains Saeed. “I honestly felt my soul connect to hers which was the first time I ever understood the concept of soul connection.” Wow! Total keeper alert!

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“My favorite thing to do with my wife-to-be has been traveling and exploring new places together,” Saeed shares. “In our three years together we’ve been to South Africa, Dubai, Thailand, Belize, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Canada.”

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“I look forward to spending each day knowing that I married my best friend,” says Saeed. “I’m looking forward to being one with Saeed,” Julienne adds.  First, I was so proud to be Saeed’s girlfriend and now, I’m proud to be his fiancé and I can’t wait to be his proud wife.”

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Saeed pushes me to be the best person I can be and I love that I’ll have more of his encouragement and unconditional support for many years to come,” opens up the bride-to-be. We can feel this couple’s connection come through in each word they speak about each other.

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Julienne and Saeed have a very non-traditional wedding planned. “It will be an evening wedding,” she says. “The colors are gold, black and ivory. We opted for a modern celebration with our closest family and friends. Since we are both Jamaican-American, there will be a lot of elements highlighting our roots.”


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