Just Engaged: Jewanna and Pierre

Grad school sweethearts Jewanna and Pierre got engaged on her birthday and now they're preparing to celebrate an all new milestone this fall.

Charlene Cooper Sep, 09, 2013

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Jewanna met Pierre their first year of graduate school at Clark Atlanta University. She says she wasn't looking for love at the time, but she knew there was something special about Pierre. "I knew once I got to know him he was right for me," she shares.

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Jewanna's first impression of Pierre was all positive but she admits that she placed him in the friend zone from the start. "He was cute, but I wanted to make him my new best friend," she says. "My former guy best friend got married and there was a vacancy in my best guy friend spot."

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Jewanna shares that one of the sweetest things Pierre has ever done for her came in the form of artistic expression. "He made a CD of love songs that made him think of me and wrote a poem to me including all the titles of the songs."

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How did Jewanna know Pierre was "the one?" "When my mom told me so," says the bride-to-be. "She passed 3 years ago but it means so much that she gave me her approval."

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The self-proclaimed foodies say one of their favorite pastimes is sharing a meal together. "We love eating at new restaurants and exploring new wines," says Jewanna. "We also love to travel together and again eat native foods."

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Although Jewanna was first to say "I love you," Pierre returned the sweet gesture subtly by way of an affectionate card.

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It means so much to Jewanna that her father thinks the world of Pierre and she also shares how special it is that her mother was just as fond of him too. "My mom loved him and that was important for me because she didn't like the guys I liked," says Jewanna. 

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Being different has always made Pierre stand out to Jewanna and her besties. "My friends love him," she says. "They say he's different from anyone I've ever dated."

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Pierre adores Jewanna's spontaneity, drive and loving spirit, while she loves that he's passionate about everything he does. The pair can't wait to share their lives together!

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One of the best parts of the couple's relationship is that they can be themselves."He knows me like no other and knows what I am feeling or what I plan to do before I even tell him," says Jewanna. "He also accepts me for who I am."

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The second best gift Pierre has ever given Jewanna was taking her on her first ever cruise. Of course the first best was her lovely princess cut solitaire engagement ring. "We didn't pick the ring together," says Jewanna. "But I dropped several hints along the way!"

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Change is good and Jewanna says she's excited to make a few of them to she and Pierre's new home once they're married. "When we're finally husband and wife, I can't wait to redesign the house and get rid of his bachelor pad look," she spills.

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Second to his heart Pierre's eyes are the sexiest part of his body, shares Jewanna.

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Jewanna says she thinks Pierre chose to marry her because she does a lot of things similar to his mother. Why'd she choose to marry him? "He's passionate, caring and ambitious," she says.

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The southern sweethearts will wed this fall in a Parisian style wedding in anticipation for a romantic honeymoon in Paris, France. "Growth, family and being one" are several things Pierre says he can't wait to experience alongside his special woman. Want to see your engagement photos featured in Just Engaged? Email us now!