Just Engaged: Janine and Lindsey's Engagement Photos

Dating wasn't really a priority for Janine until she met Lindsey and he showed her just how amazing love could be. They got engaged just seven months later. Let's celebrate their upcoming union.

Lauren Turner Oct, 01, 2014

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When Janine and Lindsey first met, there was definitely an intense atraction. "He was extremely easy to talk to," says Janine. "We instantly clicked. He had a bit of cockiness to his attitude, but in an endearing way."

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Before Lindsey, Janine wasn't really interested in dating. "I honestly wasn’t too enthusiastic about dating anyone in Birmingham as there appeared to be a shortage of quality men there," says Janine. But when she met her intelligent, laid-back and ambitious hubby-to-be, that all changed. 

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Janine remembers Lindsey telling her that "there was just something different" about her and he wasn't kidding. "I knew I was going to marry Janine within the first 30 days of us dating," says Lindsey. "It did not take me long to realize that she is the woman I had wanted my entire life."

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After a little more investigating, Lindsey found just what that 'something' was. "Janine’s fun spirit and willingness to work as a team made me fall in love with her," he says. "We both have very busy professional lives, but from the beginning we made each other a top priority. Our team-centric attitude allows our love to flourish."

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Lindsey also couldn't get enough of Janine's confidence. "I'm attracted to intelligent women and Janine is very smart (and not to mention beautiful)," says Lindsey. "The fact that she is a Christian and that her inner beautiful exceeds her external beauty made her surpass anyone I had known in the past."

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When it came down to meeting his family, Janine got a pleasant surprise. "We joined his mom, sister and niece for dinner one evening," she recalls. "I was a little nervous at first, but when his sister and I realized that we already knew each other, it made meeting the rest of his family so much easier."

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Janine and Lindsey are an easy-going couple that like to enjoy each other's company. "If you’re spying on us on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch us holding hands or cuddled up together," she says.

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And if Janine had to pick the sweetest thing that Lindsey has ever done for her, she simply couldn't. "He is really good about paying attention to things when we go shopping and goes back to the mall to buy things I had my eye one, plus he sends texts and leaves notes in places that I will find," she says. "He also gives the best massages when I am tired from work."

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But she can remember the most romantic date they ever had. "Our most romantic date was when Lindsey prepared a candlelit dinner at my house for the two of us," she says. "He made his famous shrimp alfredo from scratch along with fresh green beans. We toasted with a glass of my favorite wine."

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Both Janine's friends and parents love Lindsey. "My friends think he is such a gentleman and are happy that we found each other," she tells us. "And my parents absolutely adore him. My dad is super excited because he's finally getting a son!"

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When it comes down to it, Janine thinks she knows why their relationship works so well. "I think he chose to marry me because I am the female version of him," she says. Smart lady!

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And when it comes to her favorite things about her hubby-to-be, it definitely has to be his mind (and his lips!). "I love that my future husband is a never ending source of random (sometimes useful) facts," says Janine. 

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"Lindsey is the best man for me because he is a good person and he loves me in spite of my flaws," says Janine. "He is loving, unselfish, supportive, patient and very attentive to my needs. Most importantly, he knows that relationships require work and is willing to put forth the necessary effort to build a lasting marriage."

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Unlike most brides-to-be, Janine knew all about Lindsey's proposal plan. "Lindsey left his proposal to-do list out on the desk at my house and I stumbled across it while cleaning up," says Janine. "I made a call to his known accomplice and got confirmation that it was happening that weekend, which only gave me two days to get my nails and hair done!"

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And although Lindsey didn't know that Janine was onto his proposal plan, he was still full of nerves. "I put a lot of energy into planning the proposal and wanted to make sure she felt like she was in a fairytale," he says. "Once I got down on one knee and she began to cry I knew I had done a good job."

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Even though she knew it was coming, Janine couldn't contain her emotions when he got down on one knee. "All I could think was that I needed to stop crying (profusely) so that I could actually hear the proposal," she shares. 

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Like most of their proposal, Janine was totally involved in the ring process. "He bought me a Vera Wang vintage style ring," she says. "I gave him very clear instructions about buying the ring, which included the style number and sales associate's contact information!" Another brilliant move.

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Janine's vintage ring will go perfectly with their wedding theme. "We are having a 1920’s vintage black tie wedding," says the bride-to-be. Sounds romantic!

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On her wedding day, Janine refuses to be bridezilla. "I think I'll be a cool, calm and collected bride," she says. "I've learned from planning this wedding that the day will probably not go perfectly as planned. Beyond all of the fanfare of our wedding day, I get to marry my best friend, and that's enough to put a smile on my face and simply enjoy the moment."

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Both Janine and Lindsey are looking forward to becoming one in the near future. "When we’re (finally!) husband and wife, I can’t wait to change my last name," gushes Janine. And Lindsey can't wait for the title of husband and wife to kick in either. "The one thing I am most looking forward to about marriage is introducing Janine as my wife," he says. "I am also looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her and continuing on our journey." Cheers to the happy couple. Leave them a little love below.