Just Engaged: Jahlisa and Kieran

Jahlisa met Caribbean cutie Kieran while on a family vacation in Trinidad and Tobago, and she just knew she'd found her soul mate.

Dominique Hobdy Nov, 20, 2013

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"My first thoughts of Kieran were that he was so fun to be around," Jahlisa recalls. "He had us laughing the entire time and he had a great personality. I loved his sense of humor and kind heart. I thought he was a charming, confident guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it!"

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"I love that my future husband is such a positive joy to be around," says Jahlisa.

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"I think he chose to marry me because I complete him," says Jahlisa. "We're soul mates."

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"Since Kieran's my mom's best friends's son, she's known him since he was a baby and she can't stop saying good things about him," Jahlisa shares. "She sees him like a son and is thrilled that she was right about us making a good match!" Moms really do know best. 

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"I've never seen a woman like her before," says Kieran. "I was impressed by her beauty and the way she carried herself. And I loved that she made such a good first impression on my parents." So sweet! 

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"My friends think Kieran's a great guy and they love his accent," Jahlisa shares. "They're always laughing when they're around him and they think he's a sweetheart." It's always great when your friends see what you see.

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This couple likes to stay busy with fun and engaging activities. "Kieran is a big movie guy so we enjoy grabbing dinner and watching a late night movie together," says Jahlisa. "We also like doing activities like horseback riding, bowling, playing pool or going out for a night of dancing and good music."

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"I knew he was the one when he packed up all his things and moved to New Jersey to show me he was serious about starting a new life with me," says Jahlisa. 

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Jahlisa is ready to start a new chapter with her hubby. "When we're finally husband and wife, I can't wait to go house shopping and start planning our future together" says the bride-to-be. 

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Jahlisa says that she's looking forward to "starting a family and experiencing life's adventures" with her future husband. Kieran shares that he's looking forward to a life full of fun and enjoyment, and starting their own family. It looks like these two are on the same exact page, and we love it.

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Jahlisa describes her man as "compassionate, devoted and faithful." Those are great qualities.

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Jahlisa and Kieran will exchange vows on June 8, 2014 in Bridgewater, New Jersey. The elegant purple and green extravaganza will be a unique celebration with a mix of American and Trinidadian culture. 

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On what Keiran loves most about his bride-to-be: I love her intelligence, persistence, entrepreneurialism and how well she takes care of him. "Every day is like the first day we met," he adds. "I love that she can't ever get enough."

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"He's the best man for me because he loves God like I do, treats me like a queen and makes every minute we're together magical," gushes Jahlisa. 

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The couple plans on honeymooning in Puerto Rico. They wont leave home without swimwear, lingerie and a camera. Good plan!

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Join us in congratulating Jahlisa and Kieran as they embark on their journey to the altar and beyond. Leave the lovebirds some comment love below and email us if you'd like to share your engagment news on ESSENCE.com.