Just Engaged: Jacquelyn and Michael's Engagement Photos

With a little help from a friend who played cupid, former Morgan State University classmates Jacquelyn and Michael went from being playful nemeses to happy lovers and now newlyweds-to-be.

Lauren Turner Sep, 10, 2014

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Michael admits his feelings matured with time. "I was the typical guy who initially was only searching for a female to spend time with," he admits. "It was not until later that I discovered I was searching for something more -- a life partner."  He found that in Jacquelyn. 

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"When we’re (finally!) husband and wife, I can’t wait to host dinner parties in our new home that we picked out together," says Jacquelyn. "And, of course, decorate together too. We will hopefully fill it up with little ones one day!"

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"I love that my future husband is able to make me laugh at the drop of a dime," gushes the bride-to-be.  

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Although it wasn't love at first sight for Jacquelyn and Michael, there was always something there. "He told me that he was going to look me up on Facebook and write on my wall every hour, on the hour," she says. "Of course I thought he was kidding, but to my surprise, when I got back from class, I had three posts from the past three hours. It was enough to get my attention."

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"Jacquelyn’s acceptance of my personality is what made me fall in love with her," says a humbled Michael. "That, along with her willingness to help me become a better version of myself."

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"Michael is the best man for me because he wakes up every day and chooses to love me," says Jacquelyn. "Not only does he tell me how much he loves and cares for me, but he shows it every day."

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"I love the attitude she displays towards people," says Michael of his lady love. "She is always kind and caring to everyone she encounters, no matter their character."

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"We dated 6 1/2 years before we got engaged and I thought it would never happen," jokes Jacquelyn. "He kept joking about common-law marriage, and I kept saying "yeah right," but I would wait forever and a day for him."

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Jacquelyn isn't the only one that loves her soon-to-be-hubby. Her friends and parents adore his outgoing personality too. "My parents were calling him their son-in-law way before we got engaged," says Jacquelyn. "My dad has told me several times how good he feels knowing that I will be marrying a man that loves and cares for me just as much as he does."

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"We are getting married on December 13, 2014," says the happy bride-to-be. "The wedding will be at a Roman Catholic Chruch in South East D.C. and the reception will be at Union Station in Northeast D.C."

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Jacquelyn knows exactly what she and her hubby-to-be will pack for the honeymoon vacation. "Sunblock for him, sun tan lotion for me and tons of extra space," said Jacquelyn. "Whenever we travel we like to bring back exotic alcohol and good cigars." What an idea!

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When it came down to proposing, Michael was pretty excited. "I was more than nervous," said Michael. "I thought I was going to drop the ring!" Ha. It's a good thing he didn't.

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When Michael proposed, Jacquelyn's mind was flipping through all of their memories together. "All I could think about was everything we had been through together and how it all lead up to that moment," she tells us. 

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Starting out as poor college students, some of their biggest dates included a pizza and laughter. But that didn't stop this couple from growing together. "I think he chose to marry me because what he had or didn’t have never mattered to me," says the soon-to-be Mrs. Michael Key, Jr. 

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The happy couple can't wait to start a family together, and we couldn't be more excited for them. Join us as we congratulate them and leave them a little comment love below. Want to see your engagement story featured in Just Engaged? Email us now.