Just Engaged: Dawn and Eugenio's Engagement Photos

Dawn met her dream guy during a night out with friends. When the time was right he surprised her with a romantic, mountaintop proposal. Let's celebrate their upcoming nuptials!

Lauren Turner Aug, 27, 2014

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Dawn knows that Eugenio is the best man for her. "He is God fearing, caring, intelligent, funny, loving and lets me be me," says Dawn. "I could not imagine myself with anyone else. God has given me all the desires of my heart in a man."

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Even though Dawn was in a relationship when she first met Eugenio, he knew she was the one from the beginning. "He told me that his first impression of me was that I would be the best match for him," says the future Mrs. Walters. 

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"The idea of soon being married to my best friend" is what Dawn shares as the best part of being engaged.

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"Her beauty stood out above all others initially," says Eugenio about the first time he met his fiancée Dawn. "But her loving and selfless personality keeps her in the standout position."

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The soon-to-be newlyweds spend their weekends relaxing in style. "We like to ride bikes, take our dogs to the dog park, enjoy spa treatments together and look for new places to eat out," says Dawn. 

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"We communicate best in person," Dawn shares. "While one speaks the other one listens and doesn't form an opinion while the other is speaking."

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Dawn knows what excites her the most about marriage. "When we're (finally!) husband and wife, I can't wait to have babies," says the eager bride-to-be.

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"I love her beauty, the loving person that she is to me on a daily basis and how excited she gets discovering her love for LeBron...I mean the NBA," jokes the soon-to-be groom. 

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"If you're spying on us on a Friday night, you'll probably catch us either enjoying a sweet snack while watching some NBA basketball or at a game," Dawn tells us. 

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Dawn's friends can't get enough of Eugenio. "They absolutely love him and how caring he is," she says. And neither can her parents. "They love him and view him as their son." 

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"Eugenio gave me a three-stone radiant cut center stone with two emerald cut diamonds on both sides," says Dawn about her dazzling engagement ring. "He had it custom made all by himself." Keeper alert!

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"I did have a hunch that he was going to propose because we had discussed it being that year," says Dawn of Eugenio's big proposal. "But, I did not know it would occur at the time it did."

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"I was very nervous about proposing because I wanted to make it memorable and I knew my life would change for the better, forever," says Eugenio.

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"Our wedding will be chic and elegant with a purpose," says Dawn. "The colors will be fuchsia, lavender and cream with some silver bling."

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"Our love continues to grow, so I keep falling in love with the little everyday things," said Eugenio of his future wife. "When I look into her eyes on our wedding day I'm going to feel ecstatic and ready for action." Join us in congratulating the happy couple on their upcoming nuptials by leaving them lots of comment love below.