Just Engaged: Danielle and Edgardo

Edgardo was the first guy to reach out to Danielle through a dating website. Now, he's her soon-to-be husband.

Charli Penn Aug, 28, 2012

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Edgardo, 38, was the first guy to reach out to Danielle, 31, on OKCupid.com. Now he's her soon-to-be husband. The pair plan to tie the knot this fall.

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Were you looking for love at the time? Neither of us were looking for love. My sister suggested I try the site when she was staying with me over the summer so that we could have fun double dates. Ed downloaded the app to his phone when it was featured as the free app of the day on Amazon. He was the first man to write me after I signed up.

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Was it love at first sight? No, but it was definitely “like!” Both of us took a liking to each other from the start. Our first date was by far the best first date either of us had ever been on. He treated me like a real lady and he presented himself as my suitor. My heart was a goner!

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At what moment did you know he was “The One” for you? I’ve chosen to abstain from sex until marriage because of my faith. I was afraid of how our relationship might change because of my choice. Ed listened to me and he said he respected and honored my choice because he respected and honored me. He said he would be humbled to be my first lover if our relationship should progress to that point. It was clear that he truly believes I am worth waiting for; I knew then that he was an answer to my earnest prayer.

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How did he pop the question? Ed surprised me while strolling in my parent’s backyard on Easter Sunday. We were waiting for dinner and standing under a tree. Then suddenly he was on his knee holding a ring box. He was so nervous, all he could say was: “Will you marry me?” He told me later that he’d had the ring for weeks, asked my dad’s permission and had a speech prepared, but it all flew out of his head when it was time to ask.

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What do your friends and family say about him? My friends love Ed. He’s cool, calm, quiet and just right for me. My dad and mom proudly call him “future son-in-law.” They love his steadiness and how happy he makes me.

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What’s the sweetest thing he’s ever done for you? Ed writes me love notes — emails, letters, cards and even posts on my Facebook wall! I’ve been surprised and touched by each one, and have attempted to save them all.

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Describe the man you’re about to marry in three words or less. Loving, courageous and humble.

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Who said “I love you” first? Technically, he did, but I brought it up. We were at a chicken restaurant and I just blurted out “Can I ask you a question? Do you love me?” He said "Yes" before I could even regret opening my mouth!

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What do you two do together for fun? We go to the movies, travel, cheer on the Saints, go to local cultural events or parties, visit family and travel together. We also like to hit a local sports bar for UFC fight nights.

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When’s the big day and what kind of wedding are you having? It’s October 28, 2012 at the Benachi House & Gardens in New Orleans. We’re having a New Orleans style outdoor courtyard wedding.