Just Engaged: Chrystol and Jason's Engagement Photos

With plans to move to England, Chrystol wasn't even looking for love when she met Jason. But his persistence and charm changed that. Now, after dating for three years they'll celebrate the New Year with a new union. Congrats!

Lauren Turner Oct, 08, 2014

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The first time Chrystol met Jason, she wasn't so sure about their future. "I thought he was very handsome, well dressed and tall (just what I was looking for), but a little shy," she says. "With my personality and him being shy, I didn’t think we would make it past the first date. Obviously I was so wrong!"

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For Jason, falling in love with Chrystol happened almost immediately. "I fell in love with her for a few reasons. Chrystol is the most beautiful woman in the world and extremely sexy," he says. "In addition, she puts a lot of emphasis on our relationship, plans ahead and constantly identifies ways to make us the most dynamic and secure relationship people have seen years. I have been looking for this for many years and had begun to call off the search." It's a good thing he didn't. 

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But out of all she had to offer, her voice was the thing that got him. "The thing I love most about her is the way she speaks to me," says Jason. "She has such a soft and sweet voice that I love hearing and that voice can make me do anything she asks. This is the same voice that attracted me to her in the first place."

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For Chrystol, no matter what she thought at first, she tried to play hard to get. "I did not want to get serious with him knowing I was moving away in a few months," she says of her plans to move to England. "I waited two weeks to go on a date with him, I made up excuses everyday of why I could not go out and I finally agreed to one date after he was so persistent."

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After getting over the new relationship jitters, Chrystol realized how romantic Jason really was. "Our most romantic date was a complete surprise to me. He likes to surprise me. We had to get all dressed up and he took me to a beautiful restaurant in NYC," she shares. "We had a private secluded booth with a candlelit dinner, which we cooked ourselves at the table. It was great and we talked about everything from past to future, goals and ambitions and much more. We stayed at the restaurant for over four hours talking and laughing. It was perfect!"

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And going on dates is one of Jason's favorite things to do with his lady love. "Our date nights are always intimate and fun, where we get to enjoy each other's company and show the world our love," he says.

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Even though Chrystol works on most weekends, they make their dates as special as possible. "We try to schedule as much as we can for the late afternoons," she says. "Usually we go to the dine-in movie theater or walk the streets of NYC and sometimes we camp out in front of the TV and watch movies for hours."

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Jason isn't just romantic, but he knows exactly what to get the love of his life. "The best gift he ever got me was my car. I was struggling with wanting to switch careers but commuting to work would have been extremely hard," says Chrystol, "so that's when he decided he would get me a car. We went to the dealership one Saturday morning and picked it out. That was the best gift so far, but my beautiful ring is definitely a tie."

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Chrystol's friend are happy for her, while staying just a tad bit jealous of her relationship at the same time. "They love him," says the bride-to-be. "They want to clone him. They know exactly who would be great for me and everyone agrees that Jason is it."

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And Chrystol fears that her parents may love a little too much. "My parents might even love Jason more than they love me…But seriously, they love him," laughed Chrystol. "They have welcomed him into the family with open arms from the moment they met him. My dad was so happy that Jason wanted to marry me that he almost ruined the surprise."

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This couple doesn't just stick to traditional dinner dates. "Jason and I went on an ATV tour in Jamaica, where they explained all the rules and regulation to us," she says. "Jason decided he wanted to try stunts while we are going up a hill and fell off and broke the ATV completely. We were kicked off the tour and had to leave early, while everyone was upset and stared at us. So embarrassing!"

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"If you’re spying on us on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch us going out to eat at a restaurant and then chatting it up in a lounge," says Chrystol. 

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Jason loves how real Chrystol is when it comes to parts of a relationship. "Apart from the rare combination of brains and beauty, Chrystol's focus on the future and truly understanding the dynamics of a woman and man in a relationship showed me that she was prepared, willing and ready for all the hills and valleys in our relationship," he says. "She constantly shared her well mapped out plans and goals and everything she spoke about complemented my goals for the future. I cannot lose with this woman. We were destined to be!"

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Jason isn't the only one who feels the two are destined. "He is loving, caring, supportive and ambitious. He has adapted my dreams and goals as his own and has made it a priority to see that they come through," beams Chrystol. "He loves me unconditionally and chivalry is never dead when I am with him. He is the best man for me and I thank God every day for sending him into my life."

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Once again, Jason surprised Chrystol with a proposal on the day of their three-year anniversary. "He got me a 4-carat princess cut diamond ring with diamonds on the band as well," she says. "We actually saw this ring on one of our shopping days, but I had no idea he would actually get it."

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Jason not only surprised the love of his life, but he proposed with a level head and no nerves at all. "I was waiting for this moment and I know she was too," he says. "It was my opportunity to show everyone again how much I love Chrystol. It was our time to really start the process of being one."

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The whole time Jason was proposing, Chrystol was telling herself one thing: Do not faint! "I was so overwhelmed with emotions and I was just shocked to see him standing in front of me in Barbados after I left him right in New Jersey," she recalls. "I did drop to the ground for a second but I quickly got back up. It was beautiful and the whole Boatyard Beach was screaming 'say yes!' I can never forget that moment."

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Chrystol and Jason, like many couples, talked about getting engaged before he popped the question. "I had a hunch that it was coming but I had no idea of the time when he would choose to actually propose," she says. "We actually talked about engagement, rings and marriage all the time. We even went to look at rings together a few times."

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"We are getting married New Year's Eve 2014," says Chrystol. "Our wedding has three days of festivities so everything will be in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania."

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The event will be formal and black tie, but the color scheme will include Tiffany blue, silver and black. The happy couple have asked their guests to wear black and the festivities will include aspects from their mixed backgrounds, hinting at both Jamaican and Guyanese culture. 

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Although Chrystol doesn't know where they'll be honeymooning for their 20-day getaway, she does know just what she'll pack. "Bathing suits, lingerie and money!"

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On the wedding day, when he looks into his bride's eyes, Jason expects his emotions to be a mix of everything good. "I expect this to be the most ecstatic, emotional and rewarding feeling," he says. "The latter because this decision will be one of my greatest achievements." 

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Chrystol says she can't wait for everything that comes after marraige. "I can’t wait to take care of my husband and home and have as many children as God blesses us with," she says. Let's congratulate the happy couple below. Want to see your engagement photos featured in Just Engaged? Email us now.