Just Engaged: Cherene and Paul's Engagement Photos

Just when Cherene asked God to bless her with the presence of a serious man in her life, Paul walked right by her at work and immediately caught her eye. Now, they're headed down the aisle this spring!

Whitney Gaspard Nov, 12, 2014

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Just when Cherene asked God to bless her with the presence of a serious man in her life, Paul walked right by her at work and immediately caught her eye. Now, they're headed down the aisle this spring!

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"My friends think he is cool, calm and collective," says Cherene. "My dad thinks he’s pretty courageous to fly out to California in advance to ask him for my hand in marriage."

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"I was more so curious rather than impressed when it came to Paul," said the bride-to-be. "I was intrigued by his intelligence and his life experiences. I quickly realized he was a genuine, raw and compassionate person."

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"If I could thank her parents for her, I would thank them for their many personal failures and personal accomplishments," says Paul. "Cherene is my recipe for the perfect mate. This would not have happened without her parent’s spicy failures and sweet successes."

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"I dated Paul for three months before we made it official," says Cherene. "I invited him to my best friend’s wedding (ironically he caught the garter), and at that moment, he gave me a timeline to 'get my mind right' or else he would have to move on. I was nervous and hesitant because I knew he was going to lock me down permanently."

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"After a year of dating I realized Paul was 'The One' for me," says Cherene. "He successfully accomplished my number one requirement -- he was consistent. From there came the extreme reverence he displayed for God and family."

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"I didn’t know when he would propose, but I knew he was going to do it," Cherene tells us. "When he did, I was in shock. It was so surreal."

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"Paul and I first spotted a gorgeous canary yellow ring while vacationing in the Bahamas," says Cherene. "After our return, he took me to two jewelry stores to get a better idea of what I liked and to educate me on diamonds. Each time my style changed. He finally told me that he would make the decision himself."

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"When I first met her, what made her stand out from all other women was that she was able to listen and accept constructive criticism," says Paul. "The day I proposed, I cried but it was due to my joy and excitement."

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"I think he chose to marry me because he was looking for a serious relationship and someone to build an empire with," says the bride-to-be.

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"On the weekends we run errands together," says Cherene. "It turns into a full day of eating and shopping. The best gift Paul gave me was a shopping trip to New York."

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"Second to his heart, the other sexiest part of his body are those legs," Cherene playfully shares.

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"Paul is intelligent, confident and a risk taker," Cherene shares.

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"I knew she was ‘The One’ immediately," says Paul. "Her dedication to God and her unyielding kind hearted nature is what I love most about her."

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"I'm looking forward to traveling the world with my companion after we get married, increasing our friendship and styling my babies," Cherene said in anticipation of life after the wedding. "I'm looking forward to building a family with a solid foundation in faith and nurturing support," Paul adds.

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"I love that my future husband is smart and savvy in business and in the streets," Cherene tells us.

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"Our wedding is going to be a blended of Jamaican and American traditions," says Cherene. "I would classify the style as modern, chic and classic. We created a travel theme which represents the many places we’ve traveled together along with the family and friends flying in from overseas."

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"Looking into her eyes on on our wedding day, I know I'll feel overwhelmed with the determination to add value to her wonderful existence," says Paul.

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"Simply put, he is not what I thought I wanted," Cherene admits. "God gave me someone I needed." We hear that. Leave the happy couple a little comment below and join us in congratulating them on their upcoming wedding day. Want to see your engagement photos featured? Email us now!