Just Engaged: Carmen and Jamal's Engagement Photos

Carmen and Jamal met during freshman orientation at FAMU and now they’re graduating to married life. Let's celebrate their upcoming wedding!

Charli Penn Jul, 16, 2014

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“I love how we help each other grow,” says overjoyed bride-to-be Carmen. “We are both God-fearing people who truly value the partner that we have found in each other. Jamal can always make me smile and laugh even at times when it feels like the world is falling apart around us.”

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“When we’re finally husband and wife, I can’t wait to travel the world with my hubby,” says Carmen.

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“If you’re spying on us on a Friday night, you’ll probably catch us at the airport running to make our flight or at happy hour drinking cocktails and decompressing from the week,” says Carmen.

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“My friends think that he so nice and thoughtful; a perfect southern gentleman,” says Carmen.  “I have not heard a negative comment about him yet!”

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“His proposal was a total surprise,” Carmen shares. “I knew it would come at some point but I thought it would happen about a year after we both got settled in our careers. I guess he did not want to wait.”

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“He chose me to be his life partner,” Carmen shares.  “I can be a handful! Sometimes I cannot believe how blessed I am to have been chosen by Jamal.”

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Carmen admits that Jamal said “I love you first” but she couldn’t wait to say it right back!

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“I love that I know that Carmen loves me deeply and she has my best interest at heart,” says Jamal. “She has a constant relationship with God. I value these things more than most other qualities because they are timeless and have longevity.”

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“Because Carmen has a true relationship with God, I feel that our marriage will have sustenance and longevity,” Jamal admits. “As we grow in Christ together, our relationship will continue to open up to deeper levels.” 

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“As we constantly studied for school and communicated with each other, I began to be more and more attracted to her,” says Jamal. “I will admit, her beautiful smile combined with her sweet perfume and her bright spirit were all winners for me. Not only was she smart, but she was very well rounded and cute. The more that we studied with one another the more we found that we could help each other and be a missing puzzle piece for one another.”

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“My favorite thing to do with her is travel,” says Jamal. “When we go out of town we really get time to connect and regroup. It seems that we always have an opportunity to refocus our energy towards the betterment of our relationship. We have so much fun together.”

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“When we’re at the altar, I know that I will feel extremely grateful and proud that we have made it to that point,” says Carmen. “It is amazing to know that nine years later, the woman who I met on ‘the set’ is who will be standing before me.”

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“The man I’m about to marry is prayerful, loving and protective,” says Carmen.

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The happy couple will tie the knot later this month at a gorgeous Catholic church in Atlanta.

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Jamal gave Carmen a three stone ring with side pave diamonds. “I love it!” she tells us. “He was pretty familiar with my preferences from previous random conversations. He did very well.”

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Join us as we wish Carmen and Jamal nothing but the best on their way down the aisle. Want to share your engagement photos and story? Email us now!