Just Engaged: Candice and Arthur

Candice met Arthur at church and found him to be a true "man of God." She can't wait to be his Mrs.

Charli Penn Sep, 01, 2012

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The Lucky Lady: Candice L. James, 26, Manicurist

Her Leading Man: Arthur J. Tutt, 33, Senior Processor

The Big Day: October 5, 2012, Granada Hills, CA

How They Met: We met at church!

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What was your first impression of him? Who is this handsome stranger?
What was his first impression of you? He thought that I had pretty feet.

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At what moment did you know he was ‘The One’ for you? There wasn’t an exact moment that I knew, but I knew very early on that he would be my husband. Even some of my family can attest to me referring to him as “my future husband.”

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How did he pop the question? He asked me to be his wife at the very same beach that we shared our very first date on, which was extremely romantic in my eyes. He set up enlarged pictures of us with notes under each one. Anita Baker was playing in the background. After I read the notes, we hugged and he got down on one knee and proposed. He recorded the entire thing.

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Tell us about your bling! He got me a brilliant cut, Tiffany-setting ring. We picked the setting together, but he patinetly looked at about 50 diamonds before choosing the right one for me.

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What do you love most about him? He is the best man for me because he loves the Lord; he is patient and loving.

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Who would you cast to play your future husband in a movie? Denzel Washington. Where do you plan to honeymoon? Mexico!

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Second to his heart, what's the other sexiest part of his body? His arms. Swoon!!

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Who said "I love you" first? I did. I remember hugging him and saying in his ear, "How much longer do I have to pretend that I don't love you?"

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What do you do together for fun? We enjoy going out to eat, the movies and the beach. Overall we just enjoy spending quality time together.

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