Just Engaged: Andrea and George's Engagement Photos

New Yorkers Andrea and George are about tie the knot. Let’s celebrate their upcoming “I dos.”

Charli Penn Mar, 25, 2015

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Although Andrea and George both attended Cornell University at the same time, their paths didn’t cross until years later when they met at a mutual friend’s graduation party. From that moment on, they were madly in love. Let’s celebrate their upcoming “I dos.”

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“It was definitely love at first sight (or conversation) for me,” says the lovely bride-to-be. Doesn’t she look smitten in these gorgeous photos?

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“Our first real date was a summer picnic at sunset in Central Park,” says Andrea. “It was so simple - it was perfect.”

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“Our last vacation we traveled to Taipei for New Year’s Eve, then to Hong Kong, and finished it with a serene stay on Phi Phi Island in Phuket, Thailand,” says Andrea. “It was the perfect mix of urban sprawl and scenic beauty. Loved it!”

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“One year he told me he wouldn’t be able to see me on Valentine’s Day (we were long distance in different states) and then while on the phone with me he shows up to my job and takes me out to dinner and we spent the weekend together,” Andrea recalls. “He tricked me!”

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“My friends say he is perfect for me,” admits the glowing bride-to-be. “He grounds me.”

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“He’s the best man for me because he’s the yin to my yang,” Andrea gushes. “I can be a whimsical dreamer. His picture can be found next to the definitions of pragmatic and steadfast. Together we dare to dream big and are steadfast enough to conquer all.”

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“I understand him, I allow him to be himself, and I believe in him,” says Andrea.

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“I love her smile,” says George. “She is always smiling. She can melt the ice in a room full of strangers with her smile.”

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“There was no denying the instant chemistry that came with our first conversation,” says George. “We naturally gelled from day one. Neither one of us was trying to put on a show for the other, we just clicked. It was very refreshing and fun.”

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“I was so meticulous about developing my plan to propose that I didn’t have time to be nervous,” says George. “It wasn’t until right before I had to actually take a knee, that a thousand butterflies decided to perform a synchronized dance piece in my stomach. Despite that, I maintained my poker face.”

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"I love going out in NYC with her," George shares. "Theater, ballet, a nice lounge, doesn’t matter. We both love any excuse to dress up and go out. As long as I give her four hours advanced notice (that’s how long it takes her to get ready), she’s game. I don’t mind the wait time, because the final product is always worth it."

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“When I first met her, she was comfortable just being herself, and her natural state was very appealing to me,” says George. “There was nothing calculating, no games. She was gorgeous, but she didn’t let that define her.”

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“My favorite part of being engaged is getting to call George my fiancé for a year,” Andrea shares.

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“I love early mornings before our day starts,” Andrea tells us. “We call it Simba time because it usually begins with me eagerly waking George up like in The Lion King.”

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“I’m the type of bride that has everything planned and booked the September after their August engagement,” says Andrea.

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