Just Engaged: Aleta and Montae's Engagement Photos

Aleta’s fiancé Montae is her hero, and ours too. She can’t wait to become an Army wife. Read their story!

Charli Penn Aug, 06, 2014

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“I wasn’t looking for anything,” says Aleta when it came finding true love with Montae. “He came out of nowhere and took me completely by surprise.”

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“On a more serious note, Montae makes me want to be better version of me,” says the bride-to-be. “I honestly wish I was more like him – slow to anger, quick to forgive, free-spirited, and so giving. Just being near him makes me feel like a better person.”

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“My mom is tough as nails,” says Aleta. “It took her a while to come around to the idea of her baby girl getting serious with someone. But just like Montae won me over, he did the same to my mom. She loves him now!”

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“Immediately after we started dating, we took a trip to Athens to meet his family,” says Aleta. “Seeing him laugh with his parents or tickle his niece and nephew did it for me. His love for them made me look at him in a brand new light. Later that night, I told him ‘I love you’ for the first time.”

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“When I see her come through the double doors on our wedding day, I know I’m going to fall in love all over again,” Montae admits. “Falling in love felt so good the first time, why not look forward to it a second time?”

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“The great thing about Leta is that after all the time we've known each other, she still makes me laugh to the point of tears,” says the groom-to-be. “She's always so fun to be around. I can't get enough of her. And she is selfless, she would give anyone the shirt of her back and I truly admire that about her.”

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“I’m looking forward to sharing every accomplishment together, starting a family, and growing old together,” Montae shares.

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Are these engagement photos fierce or what?!

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“I love that she first and foremost respects herself,” says Montae. “I think that's slightly scarce nowadays. Also, I love her love for God and that she inspires me to be a better man.”

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“My favorite part of being engaged has been our premarital counseling,” Aleta admits. “We have learned so much about ourselves – individually and as a couple. We touch on the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial aspects of marriage. It has been amazing so far.”

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“I’m not at all a bridezilla,” says Aleta. “I care too much about my friends to treat them rudely just because I’m getting married. Plus the type of friends I have would never let me get away with that.”

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Aleta and Montae plan to honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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“Having my close friends and family with me on the day I marry the man of my dreams will be so overwhelming,” Aleta admits. “I’ll be in tears or on the brink of tears the entire day.”

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