Jill Marie Jones

Jill Marie Jones
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 28, 2008

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“I like to think that I’m a pretty nice person, but to be able to play the diva and say some of the things those types of characters say was a lot of fun.”

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“I love Tracee, I love Golden, I love Persia, I love Reggie. I really do feel like I was in the University of Girlfriends. I learned so much from them,” Jill says.

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“I’ve just been living my dreams and having the time of my life. I was able to go to New Jersey for a month and work with one of my best friends, Gabrielle Union, for Perfect Holiday.”

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“I love Jay-Z, Kanye, Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def…I guess people would say I like all the conscious rappers.”

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“I like to find fun ways to work out because I’m not that type of person who just wakes up and lives for working out. I loved when Golden and I used to go out to a party and make up choreography and dance and not have a care in the world and have so much fun.”

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Jill is all smiles with Boris Kodjoe.

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“I’d like to think in some small way that I helped somebody in life breathe a lil’ easier.”


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